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Prince’s former flame Apollonia Kotero has a new man in her life: Kevin Bernhardt, who plays Kevin O’Connor on ABC’s General Hospital. “Prince and Kevin get along real well,” says Apollonia. “Kevin’s real particular about whom I work with. He screens all my calls, and Prince passes his test.” Apollonia has big plans for Kevin aside from answering her phone. She may cast him as the male lead in her next video, but says he’ll first have to prove he can handle the role, which would require Bernhardt to age 25 years. “No problem,” he tells her. “Just go away for a week, and I’ll age that much from worry.”

When viewers tune into CBS’ new series I Had Three Wives this August, they’ll see a lot of co-star Teri Copley. She plays an actress whose major credits include the role of a flu bug in a commercial and a come-hither pose on a titillating poster. Although the part doesn’t sound fraught with existential meaning, Copley sees it as a step up from her last outing, as the bubble-brained blonde in NBC’s short-lived sitcom We Got It Made. “I’m becoming more particular about the roles that I do,” says Copley, 23. “I’m concerned about the morals of the characters I play. I want people to respect me and the characters I portray.” Oh.

Dallas’ Morgan Brittany, 33, who’s expecting her first child July 28, has already decided that her offspring won’t go into showbiz. As a child Brittany (whose real name is Suzanne Cupito) appeared on such TV shows as Gunsmoke, Rawhide and The Twilight Zone, but her acting career came to a traumatic halt when she became an awkward teenager. “I won’t let my baby be a child actor in any way, shape or form,” Brittany declares. “When you grow up in a fantasyland, you think everybody loves you. But when you get older, you find they don’t love you, and they drop you real hard. If, at 18, my child wants to be an actor, then I’ll help. But I won’t be a mother who lives through her kid.”

And now for some quick casting news: When the L.A. production of the New York hit play As Is opens in September, Richard Thomas will star as the central character—a homosexual stricken with AIDS—and Richard Dreyfuss will play his lover.

When Don Ameche and Gwen Verdon tango at a trendy night spot in the soon-to-be-released film Cocoon, they’re out of step with the club’s much younger break-dancing patrons. “But then I show them we’re not as old as they think we are,” says Ameche, who spent two months learning to break-dance for the scene. “Ninety-seven percent of the break-dancing you see on the screen is mine. I didn’t do all the gyrations, but I did more than anyone would expect a 77-year-old to do.” (The remaining 3 percent was done by 18-year-old Jeff Esposito from Tampa, Fla.) Ameche, who also performs a somersault off a diving board in the movie, keeps in shape with isometrics, deep knee bends and running in place. But, he adds, “I’m definitely not adding break-dancing to my regimen. Those people are crazy.”