Rebecca Bricker
October 21, 1985 12:00 PM

Not getting an Emmy Award nomination for his role as Ricardo Tubbs on NBC’s Miami Vice apparently hasn’t bruised Philip Michael Thomas’ ego any. Thomas, 36, is planning to hold a retrospective of his movies at a Miami theater he has purchased. “I want to run a Philip Michael Thomas Film Festival to reacquaint Florida with a lot of film I’ve done over the years,” says Thomas, whose credits include the movies Book of Numbers (1973) and Sparkle (1976). “Then I hope to start a campaign throughout the United States, bringing back my films because a lot of people know me as Tubbs and don’t know my history. I’ve been strong for a long time.”

Songwriter Stephen Bishop jokes that he already has his Oscar acceptance speech written for the recently released single Separate Lives from the sound track for the new film White Nights, starring Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gregory Hines and Isabella Rossellini. “I think this song is going to be a big hit,” says Bishop, who wrote the Tootsie theme song, It Might Be You. “I’m already planning to build a guitar-shaped swimming pool.” Bishop gives credit to ex-girlfriend Karen (Starman) Allen for inspiring Separate Lives’ lovelorn lyrics, sung by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin. “Half of the song is about my breakup with Karen [in 1981],” says Bishop, who in September visited Allen with his new girlfriend, designer Audrey Snow, and played his ex a tape of the song. “She thought it was a song about love. But to me it’s a song about anger.” Beauty is in the ear of the beholder.

Former Miss Universe Shawn Weatherly, last seen bobbing around with sharks and underwater cinematographer Al Giddings in the series Ocean Quest, will surface next in Police Academy III—still wearing a wet suit. She did many of her own stunts during a jet-ski chase scene shot in Toronto….

Josh Taylor, who plays Shannon Tweed’s lover on the NBC soap Days of Our Lives, will be the husband of Valerie Harper in the NBC mid-season replacement sitcom Valerie. Off-camera, Taylor romances Sandahl (Conan the Barbarian) Bergman. Says the young actor of his three concurrent love interests: “Not bad for a guy who wouldn’t go to a dance in high school.”

It took five weeks and $140,000 in repairs, but Simon Le Bon’s $1 6-million maxi yacht, Drum, is back on the high seas. The vessel, which overturned when its keel snapped off during the Fastnet Race in August, is now competing against 14 yachts in the seven-month Whitbread Round-the-World Race. Le Bon, who nearly drowned when the sloop capsized, plans to join his 16-member crew in New Zealand next February for the sail back to Britain.

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