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Michael Jackson is talking with the David Geffen Co. about starring in a movie musical called Street Dandy, to be scripted by Tom (Flashdance) Hedley. “The part could work brilliantly for Michael,” says an official of the film company. “The street dandy is a mime, a great dancer and a fashion sensation in the late ’80s. The film takes place in a New York café where everyone has a dream. The street dandy’s dream is the most difficult to achieve. He’s a boy learning to find his voice as a man.” The producers say that doesn’t mean Mr. Falsetto will be singing in a new key.

You might say that Wendy O. Williams is the Evel Knievel of rock ‘n’ roll. She once jumped out of a Cadillac moments before it crashed into an exploding stage. In her last video, The Damned, she drove a school bus through a wall of TV sets. Kid stuff compared to her latest stunt in the new video It’s My Life: This time she exits a speeding open-top car by way of a rope ladder dangling from a prop plane. Within seconds the car, which is packed with explosives, nose-dives off a cliff and blows up in midair. All in a day’s work for Wendy, who explains, “I’m not trying to kill myself. I’m just a professional maniac.”

During her last incarnation as Laura on General Hospital, Genie Francis had no affection for her evil husband, Stavros Cassadine, played by John Martinuzzi, who abducted her from Port Charles and thereby created a two-year absence from the show for her. Off-camera, Francis and Martinuzzi are dating—or “boy, girl,” as Genie says of their romance. The two will co-star in a one-week St. Louis production of See How They Run, beginning July 9. Following that Francis is contemplating doing a TV miniseries, the lead in a Broadway show and a brief return to her favorite soap.

Talk about life imitating art: The stunt flying on CBS’ Airwolf is under close surveillance by the U.S. military. In fact, segments of the series, which features an invincible, high-tech helicopter, are now being shown to pilots-in-training at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs to demonstrate evasion tactics during artillery shelling. Rumor is that Airwolf fans from the Pentagon will be on the set to observe the supercopter’s stunts in person for next season.

Kirk Douglas hopes to make some new family ties now that his sons Michael, 39, and Peter, 28, have become successful film producers. ” take it as a tremendous breakthrough that my sons are now willing to work with me,” says Kirk, 67. “We could not work together until they felt they had the security of building their own careers.” While scouting for a project to do with Michael (producer and star of Romancing the Stone), Kirk is working with Peter (producer of the upcoming film Fletch with Chevy Chase) on a CBS movie called Amos, in which Kirk would play an 80-year-old retired baseball player. The two are also planning a remake of Kirk’s 1964 film Seven Days in May, with Kirk possibly reprising his original role of a military colonel.

Some sharp-eyed Dallas fans thought the show’s Producers had given them a Texas-size clue as to who shot J.R.’s brother, Bobby Ewing, during this season’s final episode. Just as Bobby took the bullet, a reflection of a man briefly appeared in the glass door of J.R.’s office, where the shooting occurred. The mysterious intruder, however, turns out to be innocent, at least of mayhem: He was an unsuspecting crew member whose reflection was captured on film unbeknownst to anyone at Lorimar, which produces the series. Not until hundreds of viewers phoned demanding an explanation did Lorimar realize what had happened. Maintaining characteristic secrecy, a Lorimar representative wouldn’t reveal the crew member’s identity, adding, “No decision has been made about whether he’ll be back next season.”