Rebecca Bricker
February 20, 1984 12:00 PM

Most girls would gag (with or without a spoon) at the thought of their fathers chaperoning a school party. Not Jade Jagger, a seventh-grader at Manhattan’s elite Spence School. She persuaded daddy Mick to come to a school dance, where he charmed Jade’s friends by pouring punch. No word on whether the kids danced to the tunes of Mick’s favorite group.

Being Matt (Rumble Fish) Dillon’s younger brother is no big deal to 18-year-old Kevin Dillon, who recently wrapped his first film, No Big Deal. The movie will probably be shown on cable TV later this year, and Kevin, a senior at Mamaroneck High in Westchester County, N.Y., will soon start cutting classes to begin shooting Catholic Boys with Donald Sutherland, John Heard and Andrew (Class) McCarthy. Dillon insists his surname has nothing to do with his success: He doesn’t even tell directors he’s Matt’s brother. Says Kevin’s manager, Chuck Gnys, “Matt’s just the guy who sometimes answers Kevin’s phone.”

Matt’s Rumble Fish co-star Diane Lane, 19, may look the part of a rising rocker in the film Streets of Fire, to be released in June, but her singing voice will be dubbed by Laurie Sargent and Holly Sherwood. Marine Jahan, who was Jennifer Beals’ uncredited dancing double in Flash-dance, plays a dancer/ stripper in the same film, which is choreographed by Flashdance’s Jeffrey Hornaday. Yes, Marine does her own dancing and this time she gets credit for it.

HBO Premiere Films has signed Willie Nelson to play the title role in a Western called Red-Headed Stranger, based on his 1975 hit album of the same name. HBO hopes to cast Angie Dickinson in the role of Nelson’s adulterous wife. The film, to be shot on location in Texas beginning in April, will be directed by Sam Peckinpah.

If your marriage is headed for splitsville, you might want to consider a $39.95 investment in an hour-long home video titled Marvin Mitchelson on Divorce. The renowned Hollywood attorney covers the legal implications of everything from selecting a lawyer to running off with the kids. Claims Mitchelson, “This video is to demystify the process of divorce. My fees are $250 an hour, so it’s a pretty good bargain.” What next? Another video, titled Marvin Mitchelson on Palimony, and a possible TV series.

Sportscaster-actor Merlin Olsen has shaved off a few pounds as well as his trademark whiskers for an NBC movie called Time Bomb, to air March 25. Rubbing smooth cheeks with co-star Morgan Fairchild between scenes, the newly lean ex-defensive lineman for the L.A. Rams quipped, “This is a lot more fun than bumping heads with the Washington Redskins.” According to Morgan, “He could pass for a quarterback.” Merlin seemed to take it as a compliment.

The producers of a possible movie on Welsh poet Dylan Thomas’ life have another Welshman in mind to play the role—crooner Tom Jones. Singing the rambunctious writer’s praises, Tom says, “I’ve always admired Dylan Thomas. I have records of him reciting his own poetry. He wrote better than he recited. I’ve heard his works done better—by Richard Burton, for example. But Thomas was a poet. He never said he was an actor.” It remains to be seen whether Tom, who has never made a movie, is a better actor than Thomas.

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