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Ever since Betty Ford was First Lady and took a fancy to his fashions, says 40-year-old designer Albert Capraro, “I’ve been affiliated with Republicans.” Nancy Reagan, however, is not one of his clients, and Capraro, who also has dressed such Democratic stalwarts as Phyllis George Brown and New York Gov. Mario Cuomo’s wife, Matilda, now has real incentive to become a crossover voter: Sen. Gary Hart’s wife, Lee, 48, is wearing his clothes. “She has bought about a dozen outfits—mostly daytime suits and dresses, as well as a couple of evening gowns,” reports Capraro. (The outfits retail from $200 to $700.) “She’s so handsome and has a great figure. She wants to look good.”…As for Gary’s campaign wardrobe, the Colorado Senator stopped in at the Eric Ross & Co. clothing store in Beverly Hills, where he made these off-the-rack purchases: four suits, a sports jacket and a pair of slacks. Despite the tony neighborhood, the bill was a relatively modest $736, suggesting that even in Reagan country a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat can find a bargain.

A new romance between actress-model Lauren (Lassiter) Hutton, 40, and Mickey (Diner) Rourke, 33, is off to a truly smashing start. The couple recently was taking Rourke’s Mercedes for a spin along Hollywood’s romantic Mulholland Drive when Lauren, who was at the wheel, lost control and crashed into the mountainside, narrowly avoiding a plunge into the canyon below. Nobody was hurt, but the car was demolished. The very next day, Mickey and Lauren picked up a new Mercedes from a dealer. When last seen, Rourke was in the driver’s seat…. Elsewhere on the dating circuit, John Denver, 40, and Susan Anton, 33, have been making the same rounds lately. They were together at Denver’s celebrity ski tourney at Lake Tahoe, and John (who was divorced from wife Annie last November) took Susan to the Grammys, which he hosted. The night before that ceremony they dined with friends at Chez Jay in Santa Monica. Apparently Susan’s on-and-off relationship with Dudley Moore, 48, is off again.

While rumors fly that Joan Collins is leaving Dynasty, Gordon Thomson (who plays her onscreen son, Adam Carrington) will return to the series regardless. In fact, he has turned down a leading role in the remake of Mata Hari, which will star Sylvia (Emmanuelle) Kristel in the Greta Garbo role, because he won’t have enough time during his summer hiatus from TV. As for Collins’ plans, Thomson says, “Why should she leave? She has the best role on TV. The show is so strong and people are so addicted to it that we generate the most extraordinary rumors. I’ve heard that Laurence Olivier would play my grandfather and Elizabeth Taylor my mother.” Stay tuned.

Tony Geary wanted to get away from his General Hospital image for his role as homicide cop A.J. Malovich in the upcoming ABC-TV movie Sins of the Past. So he shaved off his trademark curly locks, grew a mustache and put his $42,000 Porsche Targa in the garage to tool around in an ’83 Camaro “with police-blue interior.” He says he likes the new look, but will grow his hair back before doing guest shots on the soap this fall. Would he like being a real-life cop? “I like living on the edge,” he says. “But that is too far over it.”