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Take One

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Rita Jenrette, perhaps best known for her performance on the steps of the Capitol with then Congress-man-and-hubby John, makes her feature film debut in The Last Picnic, due out in July. Shot on location in Jamaica, the flick is an Agatha Christie-like thriller in which the characters are bumped off one by one, with Rita the last to go. The aspiring 33-year-old actress admits to being spooked while shooting at an 18th-century mansion where mysterious footsteps were heard by cast and crew. But the scariest moment for Jenrette, who does her own stunts in the movie, came when she nearly fell off a cliff she was scaling in one scene. When the director praised her convincing look of terror, Rita replied, “Do you think I’m acting?” We’ll see.

Billy Joel likes to keep more than a Nylon Curtain between himself and the press, but it’s no secret that the supersinger has been stepping out lately with supermodel Christie Brinkley. By all reports, however, their introduction wasn’t exactly a bell-ringer, at least in Christie’s corner. Word is the couple met in early February on the Caribbean island of St. Bart’s; she was doing a fashion shoot, and he was vacationing. At their first meeting, Billy said to Christie, “Oh, I’m your biggest fan.” Christie later told a friend she had never heard of the Piano Man before. Now, it seems, they’re better acquainted. (No need to cluck about Christie’s rebound after the recent death of longtime beau Olivier Chandon—they were dating other people months before his fatal car crash.)

Following a harrowing chase scene through the jungles of India, Roger Moore took a break during the filming of his upcoming James Bond release, Octopussy, only to find that an elephant had had the temerity to relieve itself on the seat of his canvas chair. Quipped 007, “Even out here in the jungle, I can’t get away from the critics.”

Winning, as everybody knows, isn’t everything. But losing will be even more demoralizing than usual on what may well be the ultimate cable game show, Razzle Dazzle. Planned for next fall, the show will feature contestants playing word games and competing in pseudo-athletic events like pushing Ping-Pong balls with their noses. Winners get cash prizes, but losers lose their shirts—not to mention their shoes, socks, trousers and bras. Underpants stay on. Guess they had to draw the (bottom) line somewhere.

Starting in June, Ringo will play Starr deejay on 26 weekly one-hour radio programs tracing the history of the Beatles. The series, carried by ABC’s FM network, is prerecorded, except for the final show, which will be a live call-in with Ringo answering the phone….

Next month Dan Aykroyd will do an hour spot as a guest veejay on MTV, Warner Amex’s cable music channel….

The title of Burt Reynolds’ new movie, co-starring Loni Anderson, has been changed from Stand on It (a racing term for “flooring it”) to Stroker Ace, the name of the race car driver Reynolds portrays. Why the switch? No one knew what “stand on it” meant. Good reason.