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January 30, 1978 12:00 PM

4 Mail

8 People Picks & Pans

12 Up Front

Troubled celebs find relief in the Silver Hill treatment

With her beloved Hubert gone, Muriel Humphrey looks to the future

Healthy but low-profile, Richard Nixon returns briefly to Washington

Singer-songwriter Randy Newman finds little people have short tempers too

25 In His Own Words

You may not see or feel them, but author Paul Brodeur says microwaves can be a health hazard

28 In Style

Hollywood’s preteen set gets combed out at Club Tipperary

30 Spirit

A Houston minister builds a chapel open to all people at all times

35 Crime

Lineman-turned-lawman John Elliott tackles eagle killers in Texas

39 Lookout

Sportswriter Helene Elliott

Belt maker Robert Harrington

40 Over the Tube

Second bananas Michael “Lenny” McKean and David “Squiggy” Lander were a campus comedy duo 12 years before Laverne & Shirley

49 On the Move

Chicago’s King of Kitsch is decorator-mystery writer Richard Himmel

54 Star Tracks

A White House snow job

Cab Calloway

Empress Farah Diba’s caviar crowd

Carly Simon and James Taylor

Embattled U.S. Attorney David Marston

59 Adventure

With a cape and a sword and 105 pounds of courage, David Renk faces el toro

62 Teacher

An American linguist in Paris named Adrienne thrives on “gimmicks”

66 Couples

Author Lacey Fosburgh and ex-war protester David Harris make an unlikely relationship work

70 Sequel

Linda McCartney is back selling pictures—this time to art collectors

72 Bio

Guillermo Vilas is out to become pro tennis’ número uno

80 People Puzzle

83 In Trouble

Lance Kerwin of TV’s James at 15 loses both his virtue and creator-novelist Dan Wakefield

83 Chatter

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