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February 19, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 26

For Valentine’s Day, Jon and Barbra lead a list of loving luminaries—with an 11th pairing that never happened

Up Front 34

With a startling attack on the President, Adlai E. Stevenson III warns he may become a third-party candidate

Racing’s (slightly tarnished) golden boy Steve Cauthen battles his way back to the winner’s circle

In Trouble 41

Georgia artists are fuming over the selection of Robert Templeton to paint Jimmy Carter

In His Own Words 45

Charles Silberman explodes some myths about criminal justice in America

Jocks 52

At Cal State, seven former athletes call a foul on their alma mater and sue for $14 million

Happy 55

Weatherman Bob Harris rides out a storm over his fictitious doctorate

Arts 56

Italy’s Riccardo Muti waits for the baton as Eugene Ormandy prepares to leave the Philadelphia Orchestra after 43 years

Medics 63

Nader raider Dr. Sidney Wolfe takes on the U.S. medical establishment

Over the Tube 66

After Roots and Backstairs at the White House, Olivia is the new Queen Cole

Out of the Pages 73

Two New York journalists cash in on America’s new craze: not running

Winners 80

Sharif Khan inherited a title from his dad—best squash player in the world

Bio 86

Andy Griffith returns to weekly TV in a new series about a junkman

On the Move 92

Former U.N. envoy Marietta Tree now lends that touch of class to the boardroom

Off the Screen 94

A demure Mrs. Presley on TV, Season Hubley rates an “R” with George C. Scott in Hardcore

Teacher 103

Texas anthropologist Vaughn Bryant tests a prehistoric diet

Lookout 106

Secondhand clothes dealer Brian Streidel

Auto textile designer Beth Masterton

Inventors 109

Pat Butler simplifies snow chains

For a Song 110

With almost five million singles sold, Chic’s Rodgers & Edwards have a right to freak out

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 9

ABC tries to tear a mammoth rating out by its Roots with eight new episodes

No Catch 22s about it: Joseph Heller’s new novel, Good as Gold, fits the title

Joe Brooks’ new album is unlikely to light up anyone’s life

Sean Connery, Donald Sutherland and Lesley-Anne Down keep a new caper flick, The Great Train Robbery, right on track

What do you do if your child bites you? Bite back, suggests one contributor to Practical Parenting

Star Tracks 76

The man behind Mia Farrow’s divorce

Françoise Sagan is praised and panned

Joe Kennedy takes a wife

Ryan O’Neal’s Little Darling

Jerry Brown hounds Linda Ronstadt

Donna Summer’s man is a Brooklyn dream

People Puzzle 98

Chatter 112

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