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Table of Contents

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6 Up Front

Social whirl without end at Palm Beach——The Hearst kidnapping——MIA families

19 Jocks

Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan——Daytona champ Richard Petty

24 Bio

The hard road back for Marina Oswald, Lee Harvey’s widow

30 Happy

Debbie Reynolds and Joanne Woodward——Miracle on 14th Street——A record-setting cigar smoker——Baptism in the cold

32 Off the Screen

Mia Farrow is an elegant Daisy in The Great Gatsby

39 Star Tracks

Sam Ervin and baby——Keith Moon——Admiral Moorer——Helen Hayes and Alice Cooper——Queen Elizabeth and son

46 In His Own Words

William Peter Blatty on The Exorcist, the Devil and his critics

50 People in the Past

Sixty years ago: John D. Rockefeller——Caruso——Edison——James Montgomery Flagg——John L. Sullivan

52 Medics

Two fatties get their jaws wired shut and lose weight

54 Lookout

A guide to some up-and-coming personalities

57 People Puzzle

58 Over the Tube

The Loud family, Lance and all, is reunited—temporarily

61 Couples

Gloria Vanderbilt and Wyatt Cooper: her career before his

64 Out of the Pages

A graphic description of arrest by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

66 In Trouble

Linda Lovelace——Clifford Irving——A man with too-clean socks

68 In Style

Fashion’s hottest new designer is Stephen Burrows

70 For a Song

Blue-collar rocker Jim Croce becomes a legend after his death

72 Chatter