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60 Up Front
In his first 100 days out of office, Bill Clinton trots the globe, stirs controversy and meets the neighbors

66 Trying for a comeback, ski champ Bill Johnson nearly dies on the slopes

70 With Valerie Bertinelli
by his side, guitarist Eddie Van Halen bravely but privately battles cancer

198 Anniversary
Five years ago, eight people died in one day on Mount Everest—and survivors still wonder why

207 Ailing
After a stint in rehab, model Niki Taylor is critically injured in a car crash

211 Trouble
Charges of police racial profiling arise after the fatal shooting of Prince Jones

223 Where Are They Now?

Ex-Hollywood reporter Rona Barrett launches a line of lavender products

the 50 most beautiful people in the world 2001


AT 38 It’s the birthday we’re at our best, says a recent survey, and stars including Tom Cruise and Jodie Foster show why

In the past year this Welsh-born beauty has taken on the roles of Hollywood bride, first-time mom and world-class glamor girl

86 Benicio Del Toro

88 Jennifer Lopez

92 George Clooney

95 Hugh Jackman

96 Kate Hudson

98 Johnny Depp

105 Julia Stiles

105 Ed Harris

107 Halle Berry

113 Debra Messing

115 Kobe Bryant

116 Charlotte Rampling

116 Harold Ford Jr.

119 Julianne Moore

122 Julia Roberts

127 Sydney Tamiia Poitier

128 Kelly Ripa

131 Alex Rodriguez

132 Carole Black

132 Dulé Hill

134 Chow Yun-Fat

139 Evan and Jaron

140 Heidi Klum

143 Zhang Ziyi

146 Jeff Probst

148 Jill Scott

151 Blythe Danner

152 Beyoncé Knowles

152 Todd English

152 Paul Goodloe

155 Faith Hill

159 Laura Bush

162 Heather Locklear

167 Ellen Burstyn

167 Gary Dourdan

169 Téa Leoni

171 Jude Law

171 Carl Quintanilla

172 Taye Diggs

174 Juliette Binoche

176 Jon Gruden

179 Colin Firth

183 Shane Osborn

184 Noah Wyle

186 Katie Couric

190 Heath Ledger

193 Connie Nielsen

194 Renée Zellweger

229 To the Moon
Amateur astronaut Dennis Tito finds that $20 million buys a lot of space

233 Pages
More than a century after his ancestor’s murder, war reporter Frank Viviano solves the crime

236 Out of the Past
Sallie Bracy got a special 50th-anniversary gift—a love letter her husband, James, sent 46 years ago

239 Tube
Richard T. Jones brings ardor to the court on TV’s Judging Amy

240 Party
Richard Gere, Brooke Shields and other stars frolicked at a charity carnival in Manhattan

9 Inside People

10 Mailbag

12 Star Tracks

21 Scoop

27 Online

33 Picks & Pans

59 Insider

197 Passages

217 Style Watch

226 Puzzler

244 Chatter