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Sydney Tamiia Poitier

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AGE; 27

HEIGHT: 5’11”



BIG BREAK: Starring in her first TV series, NBC’s shortlived First Years

PEDIGREE: The NYU grad is the youngest of two daughters of actor Sidney Poitier, 74, and former actress Joanna Shimkus, 57.

BEAUTY REGIMEN: “It boils down to a bar of Purpose soap I get at Rite Aid, then I splash on a little Kiehl’s Rosewa-ter Toner and maybe a couple of beads of moisturizer, and I call it a day. I hardly ever wear makeup. If my skin is irritated for any reason, I’ll go to the health food store and buy a stalk of aloe vera. I peel it and rub the stalk right onto my skin.”

BODY IMAGE: “I’ve always been a bit rounder than other girls. I’m proud of that. But my biggest insecurity is my backside. I wrap things around my waist to camouflage my tush.”

BEST FEATURE: “I would have to say it’s my height.”

DAD’S CHOICE: Her ears. “Sydney listens,” says the elder Poitier. “She has this curiosity which is beautiful.”

AND ANOTHER THING: “When I first saw her, all I saw was the smile,” says her boyfriend of two years, musician Dorian Heart-song, 33. “That smile, it can melt steel.”