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Summer TV's Hottest Heartthrobs

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Rescue Me, FX

To keep in top form as New York City firefighter Franco Rivera, Sunjata, 39, engages in basic cardio workouts and is “militarily strict with my diet six days a week. No hot dogs, pizza or ice cream.” But the unwed star admits,”I don’t have indefinite willpower.” So on day seven, “I eat whatever I want.”


The Glades, A&E

Playing a Florida cop has been a day at the beach for the single Australian, 37. Because the Miami heat is “brutal,” he finds relief surfing by day and socializing at night. “It’s great to be in a bar and have people tell you how much they love the show. Accountants don’t get that!”


True Blood, HBO

He’s witch Jesus Velasquez on the supernatural drama. But in real life, the Texas native, 35, says being outdoors with wife Leslie and son Kaden, 3, is truly magical. “We call it Sunday Fun Day,” he says. “We’re beach bums. We surf, ride bikes and play volleyball all day.”


Suits, USA

His alter ego, self-taught attorney Mike Ross, took the plunge when he joined a Manhattan law firm. The single actor, 29, did the same thing growing up in Toronto. “Every summer I had to be the first one in the lake,” he says. “It was so cold, but I always felt summer had begun after that first jump.”


The Closer, TNT

The former Broadway star, who plays Sgt. David Gabriel, spent summers working security at Kings Dominion theme park in Virginia. “Little did I know I was training,” says Reynolds, 37. Now he enjoys backyard barbecues with his wife, Tara. “We have a good system: She preps, and I cook and clean.”