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It’s been 10 years since California-bred model Kriss Ziemer became the Bain de Soleil beauty with the St.-Tropez tan. She is still under contract but, in step with medical warnings, the tan has faded. “On my first assignment, I was handed a tube, sent to the beach and told to turn ‘black,’ ” she says. “I thought it was gorgeous. But now I look at people who bake like that and think, Eeek. It’s so unattractive.” Today, a cautious tanner who uses sunblock-15 on her body and 25 on her face, Ziemer insists her skin is undamaged from a decade under the sun: “A guy said to me recently, ‘Hey, you do those ads.’ I told him I’ve been doing them for 10 years, and he said, ‘Wow! Are you well preserved!’ ”


The comic strip detective makes do with just a raincoat, a fedora and a two-way wrist radio. But by the time Warren Beatty’s Dick Tracy opens in June, more than 50 companies will be hawking official DT loot, from T-shirts ($15 by Jacques Moret) to a yellow trench coat ($125 by the Wearwolf Group) and a hat ($30 by Dorfman-Pacific). Still, licensees aren’t counting their cases before they’re closed. “You can have Madonna‘s tag on the sleeve, but if it’s not right it won’t sell,” says Alan Johnson of L.A. GLO, which will market formals inspired by her Breathless Mahoney character ($70 to $180). He can count on more than Madonna‘s name though. The actress has final approval of each design.


Joggers and cyclists have been tying them on for years. Now belt bags have risen to the salons. In Chanel’s spring collection, Karl Lagerfeld turns the nylon nothings into $915 quilted-leather purses on chain belts, and straps them on suits and evening gowns. Lagerfeld’s not the only one buckling upscale. “We think it’s a form of security because it’s safer to wear your bag under your coat,” says Natalie Fitz-Gerald of Luc benoît, whose alligator version sells for $1,200.


Stay tuned for the new movie trend in lovemaking. In The Fabulous Baker Boys, Michelle Pfeiffer seduces Jeff Bridges atop a grand piano, while the forthcoming Pretty Woman offers Richard Gere and Julia Roberts playing a scene in a similar key. Dr. Ruth West-heimer is all for it, “as long as you make sure to use a blanket underneath.” Though the diminutive sex therapist just bought her husband, Fred, piano lessons, she has no plans for keyboard hanky-panky. “I can’t reach it,” she says.