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Step Right Up!

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Tom Hanks (with Bonnie Hunt) said adults were allowed only “seven minutes in the beanbag chairs.”

Scott Foley teamed up with a younger woman for a foot race during the June 8 Target-sponsored carnival.

Climb every (inflatable) mountain: Brendan Fraser said he learned to get a grip during his Hollywood and vines days in George of the Jungle.

A participant in the event since 1990, Paula Abdul shared the spotlight with dolls Strawberry Shortcake and Ginger Snap—and got a big hug from beau Colton Melby.

Daredevil star Michael Clarke Duncan didn’t need the makeover ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell offered guests. Weighing in at 342 lbs. in July of 2002, he said, “I looked in the mirror, and it was just not sexy.” Since then he has shed 57 lbs. with daily cardio-weight workouts and by laying off fried food and cheese. “Now I can see my toes,” he says, “and they look pretty cool!”

Actor-musician-human bowling ball Jack Black believes the tykes thoroughly enjoyed “the look of terror on my face.”

Carmen Electra and rocker fiancé Dave Navarro worked the fish pond together.