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June 28, 2010 12:00 PM

What body issues do you face in Hollywood?

Nikki Blonsky: Being a plus-size girl, I’ve been told, “In order to get roles you have to lose weight.” I’m like, “Not if you’ve got what you’ve got and can work it!”

Garcelle Beauvais: After I had my twins [Jax and Jaid, now 2], there’s a race to lose your baby weight. We’re putting too much pressure on losing the weight and fitting into skinny jeans.

Whitney Port: For all of us who are on TV, it’s natural to be like, “I have to stare at myself all the time. I want to look the best I can.” It’s hard to have that balance of wanting to look good but stay healthy. It’s a push-pull.

Dayna Devon: My issue is there are so many celebrities who say, “I got in shape because I had salmon and vegetables.” I personally have been very open: I do Juvederm, Botox. I had a tummy tuck and my boobs done after my baby [Cole, now 3]. I want people to know it’s not necessarily fish and vegetables.

Lisa Rinna: I was open and honest last year. I had something done to my lips 24 years ago. It was like getting a tattoo-spur of the moment. I never spoke about it, but once I called out the pink elephant in the room, I took a tremendous beating.

Whitney: Because a lot of people probably think you’re shallow, right?

Lisa: They do! I felt so judged. I became somebody who did something bad. I actually wish I hadn’t said anything, to be honest.

Do you feel that maintaining the way you look is a part of your job?

Garcelle: Absolutely.

Whitney: I wish it wasn’t, but it’s our business. I have to wake up and be on-camera every day and care about how my hair and makeup looks. It’s one of those things that you want to shut off sometimes but you can’t.

With more paparazzi around, do you think twice before going out in a bathing suit?

Everyone: Yes!

Lisa: I’ll never forget last summer. We’re in Canada. I’m standing in line at the Walmart. And my 9-year-old [Amelia] looks over, and there’s a National Enquirer. There’s no head, but it’s a picture of my torso and my saggy skin. My daughter recognized my bathing suit and goes, “Mom, that’s not your stomach!” She literally lifted my shirt and looked. The woman behind me was looking. I was so upset I had to go through that with my daughter!

Whitney: Then you feel gross that you get upset. We sit here and say, “You shouldn’t care”-but you do! There will be times where I’ll see photographers, and I won’t go out. That’s a sickness in and of itself. I’m not going to the beach because they’re out there? That sucks.

Does it ever feel like you’re on a constant diet?

Garcelle: I don’t know about a “diet,” but I’m definitely thinking about it.

Whitney: Subconsciously it’s always there.

Dayna: And now on TV, with the way they spread the image out on these big screens, you look much heavier. It’s more pressure to be underweight to look normal onscreen.

Whitney: The first time I saw myself on-camera, I was like, “Oh my God, is that what I really look like?”

Lisa: No one can escape that. Every young actress starts to work and can’t help but be super aware and watch what you eat. You grow out of it.

Have you gone to any extremes to lose weight?

Dayna: I have two words for you: cabbage soup. My husband almost divorced me after that.

Lisa: Did you get angry?

Dayna: I got gassy! [Everyone laughs]

Whitney: I’ve monitored what I put in my mouth. Eating 1,000 calories a day is as bad as it’s ever gotten for me, which is not healthy.

Nikki: During prom I was at my heaviest; I was a size 20. I bought a dress that was size 12, and I worked for, like, six months. And I lost 65 lbs.

Lisa: It really is forever prom in this business.


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