Cassidy plans to study creative writing in college

Kathie Lee Gifford, 58 & Cassidy Gifford, 18

The Today cohost chats up her daughter, who made her runway debut last fall during New York Fashion Week and has appeared on Blue Bloods

Kathie Lee: Cassidy wanted to act early on in life.

Cassidy: I do theater in school. I somehow get cast as the bad girl. In Blue Bloods I played an underage girl trying to get served in a bar.

Kathie Lee: You go, girl! As long as she doesn’t go into porn, I’m good. Cassidy: It was fun to try modeling at least once. Maybe I’ll do it here and there, but definitely not runway.

Kathie Lee: You were a foot shorter than the other girls, but you held your head up high.

Kendall (left) and Kylie have a jewelry line in the works

Kris Jenner, 56, Kendall Jenner, 16 & Kylie Jenner, 14

The two youngest stars of Keeping Up with the Kardashians both work with the same modeling agency and already landed a Teen Vogue cover

Kris: Kendall and Kylie are glued together. You never do much alone.

Kendall: I always dreamed of being a model. We would have mini photo shoots in our house.

Kylie: I don’t know if I want to be a model forever. This summer I want to get an acting coach.

Kris: Kylie could have her own TV show some day. But Kendall really wants to step it up and go after New York and Paris jobs.

Kendall: I would go to shoots with another model, and I would be intimidated. But I’m way more comfortable with myself now. I have the Jenner look: long, tall and athletic.

Kylie: Everyone tells me I have the Kardashian body: medium-sized and curvy!

Kris: I still feel like they’re my babies. In a second, they’re grown!

Meet Eddie Murphy’s daughters!

Nicole Murphy, 44, Bria Murphy, 22 & Shayne Murphy, 17

Bria (left)-the face of Dark and Lovely hair care-and her little sis Shayne, who just signed with an agency, both followed in their model mom’s footsteps

Bria: I’m the goody two-shoes. I never tried anything bad because I knew I’d get caught.

Shayne: She’s so good that when I do something as a typical teenager, everyone’s like, “Shayne!”

Nicole: But it drives me crazy that Bria got a tattoo.

Bria: I got three!

Nicole: Yes, you’re going to regret that when you get older.

Bria: [laughs] One of them says “No regrets.”

Nicole: Bria is a mixture of me and her father. Shayne has her own look.

Shayne: I’m the lost child.

Nicole: No you’re not! They’re beautiful. I’ve always told them you have to have tough skin if you’re going to be in this business.

Bria: Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a part of the modeling world.

Nicole: I would take her to shows, and she’d say, “I want to walk down the runway, mommy!” She’d beg and beg.

Shayne: I thought it would be fun getting coached by my mom and sister.

Bria: I give her hints on how to pose or smile. I repeat a lot of things Mom tells us!

In the past year, Margaret strutted down runways in Milan, Paris and New York

Andie MacDowell, 54 & Margaret Qualley, 17

The Jane by Design actress and L’Oreal spokeswoman can’t help but brag about her youngest daughter, who has worked for luxe labels such as Chanel, Valentino and Alberta Ferretti.

Andie: It’s really hard when you have a parent who is successful; everyone assumes she’s got a helping hand. What she did was far harder: At 16, she moved to New York City on her own, found a high school and got an agent. That’s impressive: She went to castings and did her homework. She also went to Paris and Milan by herself.

Margaret: Meeting Karl Lagerfeld was a pretty awesome experience. I did a shoot with him. I was excited to my tell mom.

Andie: We communicate on Skype when she travels.

Margaret: I’m not devoted to modeling as a career. I’m excited to explore acting, photography, go to college.

Andie: But she’s a baby, so I encourage her not to put too much pressure on herself.

Anansa is pregnant with baby no. 2!

Beverly Johnson, 59 & Anansa Sims, 33

The modeling icon, her plus-size model daughter and granddaughter Ava, 9 months, all lived under one roof while filming Beverly’s Full House on OWN

Beverly: I never wanted her to model as a child. I told her, “You can model to and from school. That’s your runway!”

Anansa: At that age, I wasn’t thinking “Am I going to make it big like mom?” I just wanted to do it too.

Beverly: But then after she got her MBA, she said, “Guess what, I just signed as a plus-size model!”

Anansa: I saw how I could be a positive influence on people. I think the show has been a positive experience too, though stressful. It forced us to face our issues.

Beverly: We’ll never see eye to eye on my marriage with Anansa’s father [Danny Sims].

Anansa: At the end of the show, we worked with a therapist. That was needed. And we bonded over Ava. Beverly: She’s an amazing mother. They’re the highlight of my day.

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