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November 24, 2003 12:00 PM


On the island, Rupert emerged as the alpha male. Was he really once a picked-on fat kid?

Yes. (That’s him, below, on the swim team, from his 1979 Kokomo, Ind., high school yearbook.) But that’s all changed now, says the teen counselor and former gravedigger. “Now kids pay attention to me because I seem big and intimidating.”


What’s with Lill and the scout uniform?

The Loveland, Ohio, resident has been a Boy Scout troop leader for 11 years and opted to wear her uniform to the group photo shoot. (She didn’t know she’d be wearing it for the duration.) Still, she’s happy if it winds up promoting scouting. “Not that I’m trying to brag or have attitude,” she says.


With no dry cleaners on the island, how did Andrew’s jacket stay so spiffy?

His three-year-old, $1,500 Armani held up “brilliantly,” says Andrew, even after “I took the liner out and gave it to Osten.” Since the island, it’s been cleaned four times “to get out all of the goodness-knows-what. Amazingly, it doesn’t even smell anymore.”


How mad were producers when Osten quit?

Mad enough to deny the haughty equity trade manager any parting words over the end credits. He didn’t deserve any, says host Jeff Probst. “I don’t have any personal beef with him, but it’s a great illustration that muscles without heart are worthless.”


What’s up with those hand signals of Jon’s?

The diminutive Dalton’s oddball gestures date back to his days as an assistant to pro wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. He dubbed himself “Jonny Fairplay” and made the signals his trademark. But, trying for Eminem, he came off like Urkel.


What happened to all those disintegrating outfits?

“The skirt I wore was pretty much shredded,” says booted contender Trish Dunn. “But I brought it home. Maybe I’ll frame it.” As for Darrah Johnson, shrinking clothes (right) may have actually boosted her career trajectory. “I get it all the time,” she says, “people saying I should be a model.”


What were the Outcasts really doing during their weeks in hiding?

Striking a blow for losers everywhere. Yes, they did get to sleep in real beds (in a nearby camp), but there was no mollycoddling: The exiles didn’t get TV, hairbrushes or even all that much to eat (an egg and fruit for breakfast, small portions of rice and chicken for lunch and fruit for dinner). In fact, some of the Drakes complained that they’d eaten better when they were still in the game.

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