Eileen Finan
July 28, 2008 12:00 PM

In the back of a tour bus, Shooter Jennings and girlfriend Drea de Matteo are doing decidedly un-rock-and-roll things. “Oh, hold her up, hold her up! It’s a pooping party!” cries de Matteo as she lifts 7-month-old daughter Alabama Gypsy Rose in the air while Jennings expertly sweeps in with a clean change, announcing, “I’m here to help!”

Despite the diaper disaster, country’s outlaw heir apparent—he’s the son of Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter—insists life on the road has never been this much fun. “Bama’s definitely the greatest party we’ve ever thrown,” says Jennings, 29. But de Matteo admits that at first she wasn’t prepared for motherhood. “We took, like, 50 pregnancy tests,” says the Emmy-winning actress, 36. “He was really excited, but I was crying, ‘I’m not ready!'” Now, she says, “I can’t believe I waited this long. I want four!”

Not that Alabama’s birth on Nov. 28 was easy. De Matteo had an emergency C-section that caused her to go into shock. “I was in bad shape,” recalls de Matteo. Jennings stepped up. “Every couple of hours Shooter, in his pajamas and long, scruffy hair and sunglasses, went to the nursery to feed her. The moms there were like, ‘What the hell?'” For Jennings, it was love at first sight: “When they first handed her to me, it was over,” he says. “I was wrapped around her finger already.”

So much so that despite tight quarters, he says he begs de Matteo and the baby to make frequent visits as he tours for his latest album, The Wolf. Eight band members (who help with feedings—sweet potatoes are a hit—and serenade her with the Jeffersons theme) share the bus with the family and a nanny (who years ago also cared for de Matteo). Bama’s tiny white crib is bolted next to her parents’ bed in a cramped back room, and that’s just the way Jennings likes it. “I love waking up with her,” he says. “I don’t remember a life without her.”

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