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Sherilyn Fenn: Actress 26

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When FBI agent Dale Cooper discovered her in the buff under his sheets, he was so overcome he immediately invited her out for a milkshake and fries. But what Fenn—who so lusciously embodied teen temptress Audrey Home in Twin Peaks-is looking for in a man is something a little less but-toned-down. “Somebody,” she muses, “with a sense of humor…somebody who I can teach and who can teach me.” She isn’t saying whether the man she’s been seeing lately fills that bill. But she has no reservations about her new Akita pup, Yogi, so named because “he teaches me patience. He’s my baby,” she gushes. “I love him so much.” Fenn likes to take Yogi “on long, long walks.” Exercise, she says, “is the best way for me to deal with stress.” Which can build up when you shoot three films in a row: Hit Man, Ruby and Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel. “I was shy in school,” she says. “So it was a process for me to find the courage to go into myself and really reveal things. I feel so much happier with myself now than I ever have. When I think of who I was at 19 and how much I thought I knew, and who I am now and how much I don’t know, it’s incredible.” Or, as Agent Cooper might say, “Damn good coffee. And hot!”