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Sharpay's Best Friend

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Let’s get one thing straight: Although in HSM2 Sharpay dresses him up in a pink bikini and a tiara, the 18-month-old Yorkie who plays her pooch, Boi Evans, is indeed a boy dog named Manly (and he belongs to the film’s director Kenny Ortega). The little canine proved to be surprisingly low-maintenance on-set, but he would not tolerate disruption of his routine—like the time Ortega was too rushed to take him on his usual morning walk and, reports the director, “all of a sudden he was doing his business on the putting green. I was like, ‘It’s my fault! I broke regimen.'” Manly also doesn’t care for golf carts or skateboards; on the few occasions when one came too near, his high-pitched yipping “stopped everything cold,” says Ortega. Still, the teacup terrier is a pro who shows up on time and never complains about night shoots. Could there be more films in his future? “We’re not sure,” says Ortega. “So far he really seems to like show business. I just hope that we don’t find ourselves having to duck from the paparazzi in the future.”