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Sharon Osbourne: MTV Star

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You’d think having three camera crews in her Beverly Hills mansion for 4½ months filming The Osbournes—MTV’s smash slice-of-life show with heavy metal icon Ozzy Osbourne—would make the lady of the house primp more than usual. You’d be wrong. “At first I was very self-conscious about looking good,” admits Sharon Osbourne, 50, who is shown managing her husband’s career while tending to their children Kelly, 17, and Jack, 16 (Aimee, 18, declined to be part of the show). “Then I spent the rest of the series with bedhead and no makeup on.” Amid the mayhem—made worse by a troop of unhousebroken dogs—”Sharon’s the one who has the strength,” says MTV president of entertainment Brian Graden. Ozzy, 53, agrees. His wife “rarely flips her lid,” he says, and retains “the most infectious laugh I’ve ever heard.” After years of yo-yo dieting, she has let go of 95 lbs. since a 1999 operation to shrink her stomach by inserting a band around it. “I was 224 lbs.; I would have ended up at 500 lbs. and in a wheelchair,” says the 5’2″ native Londoner, who still eats fries, shakes and ice cream, “but I just eat little bits,” she explains. “I’ve never been one of those people who ate vegetables.” Fortunate to have great skin—”I’m English. I was brought up without going in the sun”—and a ready supply of Sisley potions to keep it that way, she has other blessings to count as well. “We have a pact,” Ozzy says. “She’s not allowed to die before me. I couldn’t live without her.”