June 17, 2009 12:00 PM

Display bottles of sand from beaches you visited.

A Day at the Beach

Treasures from vacations past can turn an empty wall into a whimsical seascape. Cut balsa wood strips (available at craft stores) to fit the frame and rub with watered-down blue-green latex paint for a weathered look. Using a glue gun, affix the wood to the back of the shadowbox frames. Arrange your collection on the wood and glue in place.

A Matchbook Collection

Those matchbooks now gathering dust in a vase can add a graphic element to your decor. Cut a piece of fabric to fit the inside of a shadowbox frame and affix with spray mount, making sure to smooth out any wrinkles. Then simply glue the matchbooks to the fabric.

A Family Road Trip

Show off your souvenirs from a cross-country trip in a vacation-themed shadowbox. Cut a map to fit the inside of your frame and affix to the frame backing with spray mount. Glue on photos, tickets and other memorabilia.

Favorite Toys

A CD box crate can make the perfect display case for treasured but outgrown toys. Scrapbook paper with a cloud design sets the backdrop; grass, mountains, tunnels and tracks cut from felt complete the scene.

Baby’s First Birthday

Even if your little girl won’t wear that party dress again, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy it. Choose a fabric in a complementary color and use it to line the inside of a shadowbox frame. Apply spray mount glue to the frame backing and attach the fabric, smoothing any wrinkles. Using pins, affix the dress onto fabric.

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