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Sexy Surroundings

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• The longtime star of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which films in New York City, Meloni, 45, knows how to take advantage of the city that never sleeps. A few of his favorite sexy things …

The view: “When you’re on a plane [looking down on the city]. I get the warmest feeling. A feeling like ‘Ahhh, I’m home.’ I love the outline of the island. It’s a shapely thing.”

Time of day: “5 a.m. on a summer morning. It’s quiet and the city is just waking up. But the energy is always there. It’s just about to start burning up again. It’s what the city is: potential.”

Place to kiss: “On the street! Because then it’s motivated by the moment. In the middle of a city of 9 million people, give me a street corner, I’ll pucker up.”



• The 25-year-old winner of nine Grand Slam tennis titles was born in Basel and currently lives in Oberwil with manager/girlfriend Mirka Vavrinec.

Food: “The Swiss love to share, like with a fondue,” says Federer. “We also have the best chocolate. I have to have some every day.”

Stroll: “For me, it’s Basel at Christmastime. The Swiss love decorating the houses and trees. It’s a really emotional time for us.”

Sexiest gift: “Swiss pocket knives are a really classic and romantic gift. And expensive watches are sexy. Being on time can be sexy.”

View: “I like the bridge in Lucerne,” he says of Chapel Bridge, an old covered bridge on the River Reuss that dates from 1333. “That is a very famous old bridge—it burned down, but it was refurbished. Being out on the water, with the bridge and the mountains in the background, it is beautiful.”



• The 37-year-old star of Lost has found his bearings—and a few places to bare it all—in his adopted home. His hot list …

Favorite spot: “They take amazing care of the playing fields of Oahu. Big fields that make you want to run around, with the water as a backdrop. It keeps me in shape.”

Best sunset: “On my boat, out there where no one can get to us and we [he and his wife, Yessica] can be naked if we want to.”

Sexiest beach: “There’s a cove near Turtle Bay and there’s a bunch of banyan trees and beach hidden down there. It’s secluded, so you can skinny-dip.”



• Currently on tour with Barbra Streisand, the members of this pop-opera group, whose new CD Siempre is out Nov. 21, hail from France, Switzerland, Spain and Denver. Spending most of the year on tour, they’ve adopted London as their base.

Make-out spot: “The London Eye is a big Ferris wheel. You can reserve a car. It’s very romantic,” says Miller.

Shopping area: “Near Covent Garden. It’s good people-watching—I like the way the women dress,” says Izambard.

Meal: “Nobu. Sushi and sashimi are great to share,” says Marin.

Mode of transport: “Last time we toured the U.K., I was on a motorcycle,” says Buhler. “You see more.”



• A contender on Season 13 of Survivor, the 31-year-old single Yale Law grad roughed it in New Zealand’s Cook Islands.

Sexiest spot: “We were on an atoll called Aitutaki—one of the most romantic sights I’ve ever seen. It’s basically a coral reef that encases this amazingly beautiful lagoon. You feel like you’re standing in the center of the world.”

Sexiest view: “From Exile Island [where contestants can be banished]. There’s nothing there, so you get a clear view of the sky. I’ve never seen so many stars.”

Sexiest place to nap: “We won a hammock in a challenge. It was the one soft thing you could lie on. Usually two women slept in there, which was pretty hot.”