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Sexy Sexy Sexy!

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Jon Bon Jovi

sexiest rock star

Sure, he’ll admit it. As the high-haired leader of Bon Jovi, one of the most successful rock bands of the ’80s, “I looked like Cousin It,” says Jon Bon Jovi. “I kept Alberto VO5 in business.” All is forgiven: At 38, less-tressed and touring for the group’s eighth album, the platinum-selling Crush, the 5’10” singer (who legally remains John Bongiovi) can definitely still work it. “From where I sit, I see a lot of screaming girls and a posterior I imagine is second only to Elvis’s,” says the band’s drummer Tico Torres. More important, “I’ve grown a lot more comfortable in my shoes, and they don’t have fringe or heels now,” says Bon Jovi, who in the mid-’90s began an acting career that includes roles in last spring’s U-571 and the current drama Pay It Forward. “Jon’s very graceful and there’s a sweetness about him,” says actress Bai Ling, his costar in 1998’s Row Your Boat. “He’s also a very good kisser.” Credit for his technique goes to Dorothea, 38, Bon Jovi’s wife of 11 years, the mother of Stephanie Rose, 7, and Jesse James, 5—and the love of his life since their high school days in Sayreville, N.J., a suburb 16 miles north of their Red Bank, N.J., home. “I’ve had women literally crawl over me to get next to Jon,” says Dorothea. “That’s a little rude, but usually I walk away and let them have their thrill.”