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March 23, 2009 12:00 PM



Vince Vaughn


Don’t laugh, but it looks like VINCE VAUGHN, once a regular on the boys-night-out circuit, has been tamed. On March 5, Ken Weber, father of Alberta Realtor KYLA WEBER, 29, confirmed to the Calgary Herald that Vaughn, 38, is indeed going to be his future son-in-law. “Vince has never been happier,” says a source close to the Wedding Crashers star. The two met through a mutual friend last summer, and Weber recently relocated to L.A. No wedding date has been set. Another Vaughn source says, “Kyla’s a really low-key girl. She’s very sweet.” Vaughn, whose 16-month paparazzi-attracting relationship with JENNIFER ANISTON ended in October 2006, prefers a low profile. “I always try to keep my relationships quiet and my work at the forefront,” he told Parade magazine last year. Adds his pal: “They are really a good match.”

Jimmy & Sarah


The laughs are over—again—for Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman, who first broke up last July only to rekindle their five-year romance in the fall. On March 9 Kimmel appeared on The View dressed as Rosie O’Donnell and joked about the split: “All things come to an end, especially when you look like this.”



Yes! “The C.I.A. approached me, and wanted me to train in Atlanta,” Gloria Estefan, 51, says of the offer, which came during the ’70s when she was a customs interpreter at Miami International Airport (she’s fluent in Spanish and French). “They realized I was someone who could pass as a regular person without raising an eyebrow.”


Hollywood hires a vampire, a vixen … and Tom Brady



Even Gisele Bündchen can’t keep her husband away from the golf course. But when Brady hit the links March 9, he was only acting, swinging clubs with the show’s stars at a charity event.



Fanning, 15, will play Jane, a sinister vampire with an angelic exterior, in the Twilight sequel.



“I’m thrilled!” says the new mom (and former 7th Heaven star) of landing on the CW’s revised 1990s drama.

Oprah Winfrey


Meet the newest member of Oprah Winfrey’s extended family: a cocker spaniel named Sadie. The pooch was introduced by Winfrey on her March 6 show, when she proclaimed, “I’m a mom again!” Winfrey, 55, adopted the pup from PAWS, a Chicago shelter with a room that honors the star’s late cocker spaniel Sophie. “The dog chose me,” said Winfrey. And why did she choose Sadie? “She was on my shoulder, nuzzling!”

“I just have to focus on being a mother and doing my job because that’s my means of support.”

—Pregnant Gossip Girl actress KELLY RUTHERFORD, 40, on her coping strategy while in the midst of a divorcing husband Daniel Giersch.

Michael Jackson


It’s time to dust off the glitter gloves: Michael Jackson, 50, has announced a 10-concert series at London’s O2 arena, kicking off July 8. The King of Pop claims the gigs are his “final curtain call” in the U.K. But before he hits the stage, Jackson will face off with Julien’s Auction House, against which he filed a lawsuit to halt the sale of more than 2,000 of his “artifacts,” alleging he did not approve it. The auction house denies the claim.



Paris Hilton toasted her 28th b-day at Las Vegas’s Hard Rock Hotel March 7 with beau Doug Reinhardt—they danced, and then she belted her song “Stars Are Blind.” Brittany Snow turned 23 at Lavo and Tao with boyfriend Ryan Rottman and 90210‘s Jessica Stroup. Bow Wow wowed the crowd during his 22nd-b-day bash at Studio 54 when he and pal Jermaine Dupri took the stage. In N.Y.C. Justin Timberlake surprised Jessica Biel March 3 for her 27th b-day by taking in Will Ferrell’s Broadway show You’re Welcome America and then meeting the comedian backstage.


• 3/8, L.A.: Katy Perry (left) and Lady Gaga stopped by Tom Whitman’s SIZE party. Gaga hit the DJ booth and turned down the music to sing an a cappella version of her single Poker Face.

• 3/5, L.A.: At a fund-raiser for the New York Rescue Workers Detox Project at Beso, cohost Leah Remini caught up with Simon Cowell while Jenny McCarthy greeted rescue workers.

• 3/5, L.A.: Kim and Khloe Kardashian celebrated the launch of the Old Navy SuperModelquins TV campaign at Guy’s Lounge.

• 3/3, L.A.: A newly single Hayden Panettiere (right) chilled at Apple Lounge with gal pals and loved attention from guys, who “swarmed all night,” says an onlooker.

5 Questions for…


The actress talks about playing J.F.K.’s mistress in An American Affair, love scenes in Life on Mars and the thrill of having her young son on-set

1 Your film An American Affair is set in the ’60s and Life on Mars is set in the ’70s. What’s the perk of doing period pieces?

Having a whole different world to get material from. It takes you much further out of yourself. Also, it’s so fun to put the clothes on.

2 So what’s your favorite fashion period?

It would probably be the Bettie Page stuff in 2006’s [The Notorious Bettie Page]. I love that era—but not all the leather!

3 What was it like playing J.F.K.’s mistress in An American Affair?

Really fun. She’s a hardened woman who is smart, creative and in over her head.

4 Are you psyched about your love scenes with Mars costar Jason O’Mara?

When [characters] get together, it’s not as much fun! You start to get grossed out because you realize you don’t really want to see it.

5 Do you bring your son Ptolemy, 1, to the set?

I set up my room so he can play. I’m in the best mood when he’s there.

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