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Sienna Miller

As his wife vacationed nearby with their four kids, Brothers & Sisters actor BALTHAZAR GETTY, 33, had a PDA-filled trip to Italy with SIENNA MILLER, 26. “Balthazar and his wife [Rosetta] have been living separate lives for a while,” says a source. “So Sienna isn’t a home-wrecker.” But Miller, who had a roller-coaster relationship with JUDE LAW and recently broke up with RHYS IFANS, also happens to have briefly hooked up with Getty’s Brothers & Sisters costar MATTHEW RHYS. [Rhys] introduced the two and “didn’t see this coming; he’s livid. They don’t talk off the set anymore,” says a source. But the situation is toughest for Getty’s wife of eight years. “It’s humiliating,” says a friend. “Rosetta left the country to protect the kids, and he continues to see Sienna publicly.”

Lindsay Lohan

Last summer Lindsay Lohan, 22, was arrested for DUI and entered rehab. This summer she’s ditched the vices and is blissfully happy in an increasingly public relationship with Samantha Ronson. “Sam is constantly on the set of Labor Pains,” says a source. “They’re very affectionate.” Adds a pal: “Lindsay is so happy now because of Sam.” It shows: At a July 12 bash at Malibu’s DKNY Jeans house, a source says, “Sam had Lindsay laughing hysterically.”


Nope. Eva Longoria Parker’s rep insists her slightly rounder figure is for next season’s Desperate Housewives, which will find “Gabrielle frumpy … a worn out mother with two kids.”

Josh Brolin & Jeffrey Wright


While in Shreveport, La., filming Oliver Stone’s George Bush biopic W, Josh Brolin, 40, and Jeffrey Wright, 42, were arrested at Stray Cat bar July 12. Staffers called the cops about one “very intoxicated, very loud” patron, says a police spokesperson. When cops arrived, the actors and four other patrons were arrested for allegedly “interfering with police.” Says a bar staffer: “They just didn’t back up when police asked them.” The actors were booked and later released.

Michael Jackson


With no official word from Jackson’s camp on why he’s wheelchair-bound, Scoop investigates.

1 He’s Hiding: “Nobody recognized him when he recently went out in the wheelchair, wrapped up in a blanket,” says a family source. “He thought he could get away with it again.”

2 Recurrent back pain: “It’s the same problem he had during his [2005] trial,” says a source.

3 Publicity: “He [may be] seeking attention,” says Bob Jones, a former exec at Jackson’s production company. “Going out in public in pajamas isn’t the most rational thing to do.”


On July 11, outside L.A.’s The Kress supper club, Jessica Biel, 26, bumped into her ex-boyfriend, Fantastic Four actor Chris Evans, as she was getting out of the car of her current boyfriend Justin Timberlake! “Chris and Jessica hugged,” says an eyewitness. “They looked happy to see each other.” Inside, Timberlake and Biel “were very affectionate,” says the eyewitness.

“That guy is going to make one helluva dad. He’s one excited son of a b—-!”

—ROOSTER McCONAUGHEY, on his brother Matthew’s parenting potential


Jessica Simpson‘s


The week of Jessica Simpson‘s 28th birthday began with Tony Romo serenading her with Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” on July 7 at L.A.’s Key Club and ended with the singer and her football-playing beau spending the weekend in Lake Tahoe. The couple plus sister Ashlee, brother-in-law Pete Wentz and pals rented a house and were all on hand to cheer on Romo at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at Edgewood Tahoe. After a day on the course, the duo indulged their love for ’80s tunes at the Journey show at Harrah’s, which included sing-alongs and dancing to “Open Arms.” Says a pal: “It’s obvious how happy they are. They let each other be who they are.”


Julian McMahon enjoyed a day of fun in the sun and started celebrating his birthday early with some friends in L.A. July 11 aboard a London-style double-decker bus. The Aussie actor will turn 40 on July 27.


7/10, L.A.: Entourage’s Adrian Grenier filmed—and turned 32—at Urth Caffe. 7/11, L.A.: Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth mingled at VH1’s Save the Music benefit at Intermix L.A. The next day Conrad jetted off to host Svedka Vodka’s bash at East Hampton’s Lily Pond. 7/13, Malibu: Undercover couple Zach Braff and Shiri Appleby cozied up by the Boost Mobile pool at the Lia Sophia clambake.


On her latest album, Flavors of Entanglement, the singer channels her softer side


What did you discover about yourself after splitting from your former fiancée, actor Ryan Reynolds, two years ago?

That I am still not ready for the kind of marriage I know I want. There’s a relief to [Ryan and Scarlett Johansson‘s engagement]. Everyone is where they need to be.

But a lot of this album is about him.

I don’t qualify any record. I’ll never speak about who the songs are about, but some are obvious.

You really got in touch with your sensitive side on these songs.

Anger is so easy for me. Not immediately going to rage was huge. I eventually got there. [Laughs] I don’t write for the sake of revenge. If I wanted to seek revenge I could come up with a lot of s—-y things.

Thinking back to your kiss with Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, did you ever think, “Screw men, I’m going to date a woman”?

Yeah! I went through my experimental stage in my 20s where I was loving women up. I actually think it’s a rite of passage, [but] there’s some great growth and healing for me in dating a man.

Tell us about the new man in your life.

Everything is slower and much gentler. Really it’s less about who shows up and more about where I am.

You’re 34. Do you still want kids?

I always imagined having kids in my late 30s. I’m in no rush.

There’s been some scrutiny about your weight lately. Having moved past your bulimia and anorexia successfully, how does that attention affect you now?

I know a lot of people—because I had a record out at 19—are used to one thing. I feel very feminine and comfortable in my own body, but I have to stop taking feedback.

What do you do to stay fit?

I have a yoga mat with me always. I Jet Ski, bicycle and my favorite exercise—dancing. I live for greens and always have crudités in my fridge.