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July 07, 2008 12:00 PM



Amy Winehouse


Frail singer Amy Winehouse made her first appearance outside a London hospital on Monday, shopping for ballet slippers and rehearsing a performance for the 90th birthday celebration of Nelson Mandela slated for June 27. Despite what her father, Mitch, has said in interviews, reps now insist Winehouse is not suffering from emphysema. It’s “scarring of the lungs, which could lead to emphysema,” says Chris Goodman. Unfortunately, during her recent day trip, Winehouse did dangle a cigarette from her hand. According to American Lung Association’s Dr. Norman H. Edelman, giving up smoking is crucial for someone in Winehouse’s condition. “Assuming she stops smoking, nothing fatal is going to happen soon,” he says. This latest Winehouse drama began when Mitch Winehouse told Britain’s Sunday Mirror, “With smoking the crack cocaine and the cigarettes, her lungs are all gunked up.” Both her father and her rep now say the singer, 24, is responding to treatment, though she will only appear at the Mandela concert if “doctors … give the final sign-off.”


“[My mother] was slightly surprised … but she’s come to terms with it. Victoria loves it!”

DAVID BECKHAM, 33, on mother Sandra’s and wife Posh’s reactions to his Emporio Armani underwear ad campaign, unveiled at Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco June 18.

Anne Hathaway

The dashing ex-boyfriend of Anne Hathaway, Raffaello Follieri, has been arrested on 12 counts of wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering. The Italian businessman, 30, who began dating the 25-year-old actress in 2004, is accused of falsely telling an investor that he had been appointed as the chief financial officer of the Vatican. (He could face life in prison.) Hathaway lived a jet-set life with Follieri, until this June when she reportedly moved out of the duo’s posh Fifth Avenue apartment. She has remained mum about the breakup while promoting Get Smart. “She barely has any downtime,” says a friend. “She hasn’t mentioned the split a lot.”

50 Cent


Rapper 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) has served ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins with a $20 million defamation lawsuit for allegedly blaming him for the May 30 fire that burned down the Long Island home he owns, but in which she lived with their son Marquise, 11. In court documents, Jackson claims Tompkins, who escaped the blaze by jumping out of a window with Marquise, has accused him of “trying to kill” her by starting the fire. Jackson’s attorney Brett Kimmel says, “It’s simply not true.” Authorities called the fire “suspicious,” but an investigation is ongoing.


At Cartier’s June 18 Loveday Celebration in L.A., exes Hilary Duff, 20, and Joel Madden, 29 — who attended the soiree with current flames Mike Comrie, 27, and Nicole Richie, 26, respectively—finally crossed paths. A source says both exes were well-behaved: “They chatted briefly. It looked a little awkward, but they smiled and made nice.”


A year after jail, Paris Hilton is dating a Madden and staying trouble-free. She’s changed her life, but not her dance moves. A step-by-step:

1. Sway both arms in the air.

2. Keep eyes shut.

3. Tilt head downwards.


HE’S 26!

Prince William‘s


Prince William and his girlfriend of six years Kate Middleton rocked at the Beaufort Polo Club after a long day of picnics and polo-watching with Prince Harry, 23, and friends. The annual bash also helped ring in Will’s 26th birthday and, to celebrate, he and Middleton danced up a storm, throwing their arms in the air like they just don’t care and then embracing during quieter moments. “They don’t have any inhibitions about being spotted being affectionate,” says an onlooker. “They looked really comfortable together.”



Minnie Driver and 40 pals gathered for a casual shower June 21 in Malibu. Guests hand painted onesies for Driver, who also received Gymboree Brand New gifts. “It was a beautiful day,” says a partygoer.


6/21, Las Vegas: American Idol’s Randy Jackson turned 52 at Tao with wife Erika, 38, and pals Rosario Dawson and Karina Smirnoff (inset). Simon Cowell gave him “some kind of barbaric sword,” said Jackson. “I don’t know what part of me he wants cut off, but that’s a whole ‘nother thing.” 6/21, L.A.: Juno’s Oscar-winning writer Diablo Cody celebrated her 30th with pals Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Ellen Page and Courtney Love (she sang two songs!) at a pirate-themed party at the Playboy Mansion. “She really likes pirates,” says a source.


The Wanted star dishes about his steamy kiss with Angelina and her violent—and painful—outbursts


In Wanted, you lock lips with Angelina Jolie. Were you nervous?

[I’m] nervous to be doing any kissing scene—with anybody! It’s just an uncomfortable situation.

How does your wife [actress Anne-Marie Duff] handle watching such scenes?

You need to ask her!

Angelina also gives you quite a beating in the movie.

She hit me a couple of times in the side and the stomach. One of them is not that [bad], but when it’s 20 times in one scene, it’s like “ahhh!”

So if you and Angelina were in a real-life brawl, who would win?

Angelina —hands down. She’s [a] bad-ass! I’d be all out to kind of subdue her, and she’d just be happy to kill me.

Do you like playing an action hero?

It’s kind of strange. It’s a completely different kind of thing for me, but that’s why I did it.

Did you do your own stunts?

I probably did 50 to 60 percent. It’s very scary and nerve-racking but completely empowering to do. I got bruised a lot, a couple of sprains, but nothing bad.

You also beefed up for the role. Did you mind the rigorous workout schedule?

Screw that! I didn’t like it that much. I play [soccer] a lot, but that’s not the same. The gym is not for me.

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