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Rachael Ray
‘I’m Happily Married’

Rachael Ray has a few minor complaints about her recent three-day vacation in the Hamptons. She got an ear infection, failed to teach her dog Isaboo to swim and—oh yeah—a gossip blogger reported that her marriage to entertainment lawyer John Cusimano was on the rocks. “I don’t know where people get this stuff,” the talk show host insists to Scoop while getting her hair and makeup done for a Dunkin’ Donuts charity event. “I couldn’t be happier.” In fact, she says, when a friend first text messaged Ray about the rumors, the two were sipping margaritas and planning their second anniversary party in Italy this September. “John’s always been a loving, supportive husband,” she says. “I’ve got a man who can cook, is a lawyer and a rock star. And he doesn’t mind that I come home from work at 10 p.m. What idiot would divorce that?” Now, Ray adds, she laughs off the persistent rumors of marital strife: “It’s a tiny price to pay for such a great life.”

Anne Heche


Did Anne Heche pull the rug out from underneath her estranged husband? In new papers filed with the L.A. Superior Court, Coley Laffoon, 33, claims the actress has removed a number of items—including yoga-room rugs, a floor lamp and the king-size master bed—from the L.A. home they share. (Per court order, they alternate use when Heche, 38, is in town.) The former videographer also claims that on July 1, he “discovered that [Heche] had gone into my closet and ripped the buttons off of 19 of my shirts.” In counter filings, Heche (who announced her split with Laffoon in January and is now dating her Men in Trees costar James Tupper) insists she only took furnishings which were hers before the 2001 marriage. Reps for both could not be reached for comment.


Kate Moss & Pete Doherty

It was a tumultuous romance—even by rock and roll standards. Now, amid rumors of Doherty’s infidelity, sources confirm the troubled twosome have split after two years. Reconciliation is unlikely, says one insider, adding, “Peter is gutted.” Reps had no comment.

Sean “Diddy” Combs & Kim Porter

After a decade of on-and-off dating, the pair—who welcomed twins six months ago—have broken up, a Combs rep tells Scoop. (Claims that he cozied up to Sienna Miller were denied all around.) Porter’s rep adds that she has left their New York City apartment and moved to L.A.

Summer’s Mystery Men

Who’s that hunk? Here’s the Scoop on two starlets and their beach boys

Lindsay’s Party Pal

It’s hard to steal the spotlight from a bikini-clad Lindsay Lohan. But her shirtless companion managed to do just that during a Fourth of July bash in Malibu. The proud owner of those six-pack abs? A.J. Lamas (son of ex Renegade star Lorenzo Lamas), who stayed by Lohan’s side at the Polaroid Beach House, partying with the star, her mom, Dina, and sister Ali. The day did have one awkward moment, though, when Calum Best, Lohan’s ex, also dropped by.

Duff and Buff

Hilary Duff has a new man in her life. The singer—first spotted with club promoter Frankie Delgado at Il Sole on June 22—stepped out with him again July 2 at club Joseph’s and during a Malibu beach bash July 4 (left). “He was playing with her ring and then her bracelets,” says an onlooker. “Anything to get close to her.” Still, a source tells Scoop, they’re “really good friends, like brother and sister.”


The Godfather Mansion

Price: $165 million

Place: Beverly Hills

The going rate for a piece of Hollywood history: around $165 million. That’s the asking price for the Beverly House compound—site of The Godfather’s famous horse-head scene—making it the most expensive private residence on the market in North America. The 6.25-acre estate (which boasts four houses, a disco and a three-tiered pool) also scored screen time in Fletch and The Bodyguard and was home to William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies, whose rocky romance was central to the saga of Citizen Kane. So go ahead, film buffs, make them an offer … well, you know the rest.

The Beckhams


Adding to this summer’s record sizzle are America’s newest emigrant couple, Victoria and David Beckham, who posed for a steamy series of Steven Klein photos in the August issue of W magazine. The only break in the temperature? Their surprisingly G-rated interview:

ON THEIR FIRST MEETING IN 1997: “I fancied her,” says soccer star David, 32, who met his wife after a game. “I’m quite shy. I sort of said hello and then just went back to Manchester. I was quite upset.” (When she came back a week later, he worked up the nerve to ask for her number.)

ON VICTORIA’S IMAGE: “I think [people] have this impression that I’m this miserable cow who doesn’t smile,” says the Spice Girl, 33 (whose reality show, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, airs July 16 on NBC). “But I’m actually quite the opposite. With all the [paparazzi] flashes, it’s as much as you can do to just find your car. I’m going to try and smile more for America.”

ON FINDING THEIR NEW $22 MILLION BEVERLY HILLS DREAM HOUSE: “I had quite a lot of things to get my head around,” says Victoria. “I was very much like, ‘Okay, the seaside is down there … school is there, and I think Barneys is over there.’ … It’s a light, happy house, with a great corridor the kids are going to love when they are roller skating.”

ON THE LACK OF LIVE-IN HELP: It’s because, David jokes, “we like to lock the doors at night and wander around naked.”

Q & A

Bewitching Beauty

Holy Hogwarts, Hermione! Harry Potter’s Emma Watson is all grown up—and casting quite a spell

Fighting evil? Piece of cake. Applying to college—now that’s a challenge. Order of the Phoenix star Emma Watson, 17 (who attends an all-girls school in Oxford, England), talks essays and entrance exams with PEOPLE’s Melody Wells.

What’s the best scene in Phoenix?

Obviously, Harry and Cho’s kiss was good. I mean, it’s a really good kiss! I don’t think fans will be disappointed.

Have you read the final book yet?

It’ll be sent to me the night it’s released, so I won’t be queuing up for it. But I’m not getting it earlier than anyone else.

If you were J.K. Rowling, which character would you kill off?

Gosh, that’s a horrible question! If it had to be a good guy, it would be cool if Neville died avenging his parents.

You’re in school and filming. A typical day is …

Really, really intense! The thing about filming is … everything changes every minute. That’s why I just love when I’m back at school. I like the stability, knowing where I have to be, at what time. Nothing’s going to change.

What’s the hardest part of the college-application process?

The personal statement. It’s so difficult to sell yourself but not seem really arrogant.

Your family lives in Oxford and London. Will you go to college nearby?

No, I definitely want to go somewhere away from home. I want to explore and live on my own, in the dorms. I want to do it all properly!