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Owen Wilson

The popular actor recovers at home with friends and family

A week after Owen Wilson slashed his wrists on Aug. 26 in a terrifying drama that landed him at Cedars-Sinai hospital, the actor, 38, is taking what comfort he can in the age-old adage: Life goes on. After spending a few days in the hospital—with his parents, Robert, 66, and Laura, 67, and his brothers Andrew, 43, and Luke, 35, at his side—Wilson returned to his home in Santa Monica. “He knows he came close to ending his life,” says a Wilson friend. “He is happy that he was saved from himself. [But] he is in bad mental shape.” Notes an insider: “Family members are with him around the clock.”

At the Venice Film Festival, where Wilson was set to promote his latest film, The Darjeeling Limited, director Wes Anderson was careful in talking about his absent pal. “He’s been through a lot this week,” he said.

Reps for Wilson have not commented on reports that drugs lie at the heart of his darkness. To focus on his health, says his friend, “Owen has backed out of $15 million [in movie plans] over the next 18 months.” As for what happened, said Anderson, “when he is ready, he’s going to speak for himself.” For now, adds his friend, “he is thankful to be alive.”

Nicole Kidman

Was Nicole Kidman almost Mrs. Kravitz, Mrs. Bing or Mrs. Tip? In the October issue of Vanity Fair, the actress reveals that before marrying country singer Keith Urban in June 2006, she was engaged to somebody else. “But it just wasn’t right,” said Kidman, 40. “We weren’t ready.” The actress’s rep says she has “no idea” who the fiancé was, but past paramours reportedly include real-estate heir Stephen Bing and singers Lenny Kravitz and Q-Tip. Kravitz’s rep would neither confirm nor deny whether the singer was engaged to Kidman, but a source tells Scoop that the singer was nearly the lucky man. (Meanwhile, Bing’s rep says he and Kidman “never were engaged,” and Q-Tip’s rep could not be reached for comment.)

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown


The houses, cars and family pets: Celebrity divorces become battlegrounds when it’s time to divvy up the assets. But Bobby Brown only wants one thing: Daddy’s little girl. “I just miss my daughter,” the singer, 40—who went to an Orange County, Calif., court on Aug. 31 seeking legal and physical custody of Bobbi Kristina, 14—tells Scoop. “She looks like me…. It’s like looking in the mirror. I want to be there to help her make the right decisions and be her father.” For now, he will have to wait for an Oct. 22 deposition, in which he and ex-wife Whitney Houston (whose rep had no comment) will argue their cases. Brown adds, “I’m looking forward to my day in court.”


The scoop on the season’s top couples—and what to look for next


Prince William & Kate Middleton

THE LOVE STORY: The future King wooed the 25-year-old brunette with secret dates in July and a clandestine August holiday on the secluded Seychelles island of Desroches in the Indian Ocean. Next: Though she did not attend the 10th anniversary tribute to Princess Diana on Aug. 31, insiders are again speculating there could be an engagement on the horizon.


Drew Barrymore & Justin Long

THE LOVE STORY: She rekindled old flame Spike Jonze in August and dallied with Zach Braff in June. And now Drew Barrymore concludes her summer of love in Las Vegas with “Mac Guy” Justin Long. At Jet Nightclub Sept. 2, the two were “all over each other, making out the entire time,” says a witness.


Kate Hudson & Dax Shepard

THE LOVE STORY: After Punk’d star Dax Shepard stripped down and used his shirt to shield Kate Hudson from cameras July 13, they were seen on Shepard’s motorcycle in L.A. and at Goldie Hawn’s lake house in Canada. Next: quality time in Boston, where Hudson is filming Bachelor No. 2.


Cameron Diaz & John Mayer

THE LOVE STORY: Three New York City late night meetings while she’s in town filming What Happens in Vegas … and he’s spending time in the city. A source says it’s just friendship. Next: Mayer plays “A Concert for Virginia Tech” on Sept. 6. Will Diaz, who has a history of enjoying her boyfriends’ concerts backstage, be there to support him?


Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal

THE LOVE STORY: After growing close to her Rendition costar, the actress, sources say, tabled talk of a relationship. Yet in July they sat in a car in L.A., eating sandwiches from a local cafe. And in August she was on Martha’s Vineyard, a Gyllenhaal vacation spot. Next: a PDA at the Toronto Film Festival, which they’ll attend?

Britney Spears

Much like the title of her new single, Britney Spears had Las Vegas clubgoers thinking “Gimme More” during her brief appearance at Luxor’s LAX Nightclub Aug. 31. Spears arrived after midnight, told the crowd “let’s have a good night” and hung out with new BFF Criss Angel before exiting at 2:30 a.m. Her fee for a night’s work? Sources say about $200,000, which may explain how she continues to earn a monthly six-figure income despite having not toured or released a new album in several years. According to court papers filed by the lawyers of Kevin Federline, Britney’s monthly income is $737, 868. Even more stunning? The documents contend Federline, who cancelled his own scheduled Vegas weekend visit, will have almost no income when his spousal support of $20,000 ends in November.

Matthew McConaughey

Looks like Matthew McConaughey and his model girlfriend Camilla Alves have traded in his Airstream trailer for a beachfront mobile home in Malibu. The couple, who according to a pal, “has decided to at least temporarily move in together,” are shacking up in a $1.1 million new and improved version of the actor’s former digs, complete with an actual deck and French doors—quite the upgrade from the picnic table that graced the outdoors of his former trailer.

Mel B’s


Spice Girl singer Mel B. is finally spilling the details of how film producer Stephen Belafonte proposed to her in Los Angeles in June. “Even though he knows I like club soda, he poured me a cranberry juice, which I thought was really weird. But he had frozen my ring in this ice cube so by the time dinner was finished, I drank this cranberry juice, and I said, ‘Oh, there’s something in my ice!’ And it was my ring.” Refreshing!

Kanye West
“Create buzz. Cause excitement. That’s what I’m here to do. That’s my job”


With his CD Graduation and work for “ED in ’08,” a campaign to reform public schools, Kanye West is out to make a difference. He talked with Sarah Preston about his fall agenda.

Your new CD hits stores the same day as 50 Cent’s. He said if you outsell him, he’ll give up his solo career.

I hope he wouldn’t because he’s one of my favorite rappers. That’ll be a reason for me to move the date.

You were nominated for five VMAs. The show airs Sept. 9. Feeling lucky?

No. Justin [Timberlake] had the year of his life. Some people walking amongst us are just doing things a little bit greater than others … and Justin is one of them. [But] it’s good to have somebody who you look at and say, “Let me see if I can outdo him.”

With your program Loop Dreams, you want to teach hip-hop in schools. But how do you deal with the violent lyrics and themes?

If you have a poetry class or a literature class, there’s usually something bad happening, somebody died. This person’s conquering this person … this person got killed here. That’s what hip-hop is about. Kids don’t listen to 50 Cent and say, “I’m going to kill somebody.” They know that it’s fictional.

You’re engaged to designer Alexis Phifer. Made any plans?

No, but when I plan ’em, I’ll be sure not to tell anyone.