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May 14, 2007 12:00 PM


Heather Locklear & Jack Wagner


Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner are teeing up a hot romance. The former Melrose Place costars and longtime friends cuddled in a golf cart and held hands during Wagner’s Celebrity Classic golf tournament benefitting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society April 24. “They were playful and very much together,” says an onlooker. (Reps had no comment.) Locklear—who just finalized her divorce from Richie Sambora and first stepped out with Wagner in March—is in “a really good place,” says a pal. “It’s great to see her with someone who appreciates her.”

Britney Spears

First, she secured the svelte new bod. Now Britney Spears is being seen around L.A. with a new guy friend—Collide singer Howie Day, 26 (whom she met during their overlapping stints at the Promises rehab clinic). On April 28, the two hit L.A. club Teddy’s together, hanging out with a group of pals until 1 a.m. “They have a lot in common,” a source tells Scoop. “They have mutual friends. They’re both in the record industry—they can relate.” Anything more? Day’s rep won’t comment but one of Spears’s reps says, in capital letters, “THEY ARE NOT DATING!” Something more definite: Spears is trying to get her professional life back on track. On May 1, after training at the Millennium Dance Complex, the singer, 25, was slated to perform at San Diego’s House of Blues—her first live gig since getting married. Says a source: “It’s a warm-up.”


Much has happened in Kevin Federline‘s young life, but there’s one constant: “If you’re not down with the personal hygiene,” he says, “you can’t roll with my crew.” Wise words, indeed; K-Fed spoke them while helping launch a new line of Axe products in L.A. April 25 (he also bounced with models in an inflatable can of body spray). The brand’s pitchmen have included Nick Lachey and Ben Affleck—so who’s the fairest of them all, olfactorily speaking? “I’m gonna have to say me,” he tells Scoop. “But I’ve never smelled either of those guys!”

Grey’s star Kate Walsh‘s


Kate Walsh has been playing it coy when it comes to ID-ing her new beau—most recently telling PEOPLE she was in a “very serious” relationship with a “great guy. But I’m not giving you a name!” At last the shroud of mystery has been lifted. Turns out the lucky fella is Alex Young, a production copresident at 20th Century Fox, with a string of blockbuster credits including X-Men: The Last Stand and Fantastic Four. “He’s a hotshot,” says a friend. “But Alex also has substance. He’s a good guy.” Walsh’s rep had no comment.

Hugh Grant’s


How to ward off paparazzi? Hugh Grant, 46, found a novel approach. He was arrested April 25 for assaulting photographer Ian Whittaker—then tossing a container of beans at him. (No charges have been filed.) Grant’s rep confirms the arrest but had no further comment.

Sandra & Jesse’s


Good thing Jesse James is such a tough guy. On April 22—with his wife, Sandra Bullock, and son Jesse Jr. looking on—Bullock’s alleged stalker Marcia Valentine attempted to run over James in the couple’s driveway, cops say. (The Mercedes-driving Valentine was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and released on $25,000 bail.) James emerged unscathed, which doesn’t surprise pal George Lopez. “You can’t run over the guy from Monster Garage—it’s not gonna happen!”




Cheers Vet’s Last Call

John Ratzenberger, 60, the so-called “Dancing Teddy Bear,” and Edyta Sliwinska fox-trotted into the sunset May 1. “I’m not surprised,” he tells Scoop. “Look at the competition!” So what’s next? “Golf tomorrow.”

Dancing with the Stars

90210, REUNITED!

Ian Ziering had an all-star cheering section April 30, as his Beverly Hills, 90210 costars Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth and new mom Tori Spelling gathered in the ballroom to cheer him on—and check him out. As Garth told PEOPLE, “I loved that sleeveless shirt. He’s got the guns!”

American Idol


Season four finalist Constantine Maroulis (and his signature smolder) will join The Bold and the Beautiful May 15. His take on potential love scenes? “I’m game!”


The impressive haul—raised from viewers’ efforts and corporate donations during last month’s Idol Gives Back—will go to relief programs in the U.S. and Africa.


Season four’s Jessica Sierra was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon April 29 in Tampa, Fla., after allegedly throwing a cocktail glass at Wisam Hadad. (He required five stitches.) Sierra, 21, was released on $11,500 bail.


Booted contestant Gina Glocksen warmed up the crowd singing “Rapper’s Delight.” … Stinging critique: Simon Cowell pinched Paula Abdul just as she prepared to assess Phil Stacey…. Idol alumna Antonella Barba blew a kiss to Blake Lewis, who “caught” it—then held it close to his chest.


Back for S’Mores

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie bury the hatchet—and gather firewood—for The Simple Life Goes to Camp

“Kumbaya,” anyone? Reunited BFFs Paris Hilton, 26, and Nicole Richie, 25, serve as counselors at five camps for the new season of The Simple Life (premiering Memorial Day on E!). And, yes, hijinks ensue. The duo left PEOPLE’s Lisa Ingrassia in stitches.

How did you two finally make peace?

Hilton: It was Nicole’s birthday, and my mom was like, “You have to call her.” We made plans for the next night.

Richie: We had to make up for lost time.

What kind of trouble did you cause as counselors?

Richie: The expert from the survivalist camp sliced his finger open, and his stitches came undone. So I gave him new ones.

Hilton: She loves Grey’s Anatomy.

Richie: They wanted us to really, really rough it. I had to eat a worm.

Hilton: She swallowed it whole!

Richie: Paris ate a cricket.

Hilton: No I didn’t! I would have died.

Any childhood camp memories?

Richie: Our parents didn’t let us go. Paris got a promotional tape and we watched it and pretended to our friends that we had gone. We’d be like, “Oh yeah, we hiked this trail.” We did our research.

Paris, you had sparks with a counselor?

Hilton: We’re just friends. Well … there was a little flirting going on.

Did then-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos know about this?

Richie: Next question!

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