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April 09, 2007 12:00 PM

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An accidental overdose of nine drugs killed Anna Nicole Smith. Could someone have stopped her?

The big mystery has been solved. On March 26 a Florida medical examiner concluded that Anna Nicole Smith‘s Feb. 8 death was caused by an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. And while tests revealed a virtual pharmacy—including a fatal dose of chloral hydrate (see below)—in Smith’s system there was “nothing to indicate any foul play,” says Seminole Tribe police chief Charlie Tiger. That ends speculation Smith OD’d on methadone (which was found in her son Daniel’s body) and that her partner, Howard K. Stern, was somehow involved.

Still, nine drugs? How did Smith wind up with so many mix ‘n’ match meds? Officials believe they were prescribed by at least three doctors, who have essentially been cleared of any wrongdoing in her death. But if no one could stop Smith from taking them, couldn’t someone have insisted she see a doctor as she battled a high fever and grew weaker in her last days? “Howard could not make her go to the hospital,” says Stern’s sister Bonnie. “When Anna said no, it was no.”

Next up: Who fathered Smith’s daughter Dannielynn? DNA test results are due any day.


• TOPAMAX: An antiseizure drug also prescribed for weight loss

• BENADRYL: An antihistamine, often used to treat allergy symptoms like itching and sneezing

• VALIUM: An antianxiety drug

• KLONOPIN: Another antianxiety medication

• ATIVAN: a.k.a. Lorazepam (inset), a sedative for anxiety disorders

• SOMA: A muscle relaxant

• ROBAXIN: Prescribed as a muscle relaxant and phlegm expectorant

• GUAIFENESIN: A component of Robaxin

• NOCTEC: A sedative containing chloral hydrate. Though the recommended dose is 1 to 2 teaspoons, the medical examiner concluded Smith’s “routine dose” was 2 tablespoons (sometimes sipped from the bottle)

Kirsten: With the Band

Ah, young love. Kirsten Dunst, 24—most recently spotted cozying up with Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell at Austin’s South by Southwest festival—jetted across the Atlantic to take in her rocker beau’s March 25 concert. “Kirsten was jumping up and down clapping her hands,” says one fan at the Voices of Slavery charity gig at the Forum in London. “She was grinning at him like a maniac!”


There was a time when I Heart Huckabees star Lily Tomlin definitely did not heart director David O. Russell. Two behind-the-scenes videos from the 2004 comedy have found a new home on, where viewers have been flocking to watch a frustrated Tomlin drop the F-bomb 17 times in three minutes and Russell spew hearty obscenities at the actress while kicking props. In an email to Scoop, Tomlin made light of her Battle of the Titans: “Actually, we [only] argued so they’d have something to put on the DVD as the director’s cut,” she wrote. “I wasn’t even aware I knew all those words!” Asked if she’d work with Russell again, Tomlin replied, “Of course! He’s a talented director—and not a bad dancer! [Huckabees] turned out to be such a wonderfully funny movie, David and I should fight on all our films.”


T.P. in the house! Following in the oversize footsteps of b-baller Shaquille O’Neal, San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker has released a rap CD in his native France. On Balance-toi (“Move Yourself” in colloquial French), the hoops star spits rhymes about fiancée Eva Longoria and even duets with Jamie Foxx. So, does Parker have game? “The disc is selling,” says an employee at the Virgin Megastore on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. And, of course, it’s a hit with his No. 1 fan. “I’m so proud of Tony,” Longoria tells Scoop. “He is such a talent.”


Baby, you can escort me tonight.

Baby, I already have a wife for life….

Check out my hip-hop always on top …

Tony P. R&B star, hop!

Paulina Sent Packing

Paulina Porizkova and partner Alec Mazo (who won the first season with Kelly Monaco) were the first team booted from Dancing March 27. “It was so wrong!” Heather Mills told PEOPLE after the show. “We really wanted her to stay.” Still, the former model says she has no regrets. “I made tons of new friends,” she tells Scoop. “And I can teach my husband a couple of steps.”

Billy Ray’s Dancing Diet

What helped Billy Ray Cyrus bounce back from his disastrous start on Dancing with the Stars? His newly slimmed-down physique! The country star dropped 13 lbs. since beginning his intensive dance training. “He’s so much lighter on his feet,” his pro partner Karina Smirnoff told Scoop after their rousing March 26 quick-step to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” She added, “He really looked like a dancer out there.”


“I’m feeling really happy about my 50th birthday,” Leeza Gibbons told Scoop. Not the most common sentiment, but Gibbons had good reason to smile on the big day: Her March 26 mambo was “the best time ever,” she says. “My [personal] best is getting closer in reach for me. It’s so much easier to watch the show in your jammies eating popcorn and say, ‘Oh, she was a little stiff.’ I didn’t feel stiff tonight!” Her professional partner Tony Dovolani had no complaints. “She’s just so positive,” he says. “It’s a birthday every day with Leeza.”


Donny Osmond scored a front-row seat for the taping, but not before taking a few spins with Dancing guest star Dionne Warwick. How were his moves? Bruno Tonioli waved his paddle with a perfect “10,” yelling, “Go Donny!” … When Heather Mills (right) was announced as the first “safe” contestant, her friends erupted in cheers, with sister Fiona letting out a rambunctious “Yeah!”… ESPN’s Kenny Mayne (of the “prestigious” first-to-go club) was in the audience—and got waves from the three judges. (If only they’d been as kind to him during his season-2 stint.)


No gold statues here. For 20 years, only select celebs have earned the night’s highest honor—a shower in green-hued goo. As the March 31 show nears, a look at the Greatest Moments in Slime


Calling the Shots

The view from the bench is not too shabby with Kyle Chandler running the games on NBC’s Friday Night Lights

On Grey’s Anatomy, his character died disabling a bomb. But—phew!—Kyle Chandler, 41, was reincarnated on Friday Night Lights as kindhearted Coach Taylor. He talked touchdowns and Texas twangs with Lisa Ingrassia.

Ever play any football?

Just for a few years in high school. I was never very good.

Why not?

I was short and fat the first year and tall and skinny the next! But I can relate to how football builds character—I had a lot of dizzy blackouts.

Critics love your show, but it hasn’t found a wide audience. Why?

There are two kinds of people I’ve met—people who have never seen the show and people who have seen the show and like it. It’s not all about football. That’s just the background.

You’ve been filming in Austin for almost a year. Do you get approached by fans?

After Grey’s Anatomy, a lot of people stopped me in the street. I’ve gone from being the guy that blew up, to Coach, to “You’re the guy that blew up and came back to life, and now you’re the coach.”

Is that Southern drawl authentic?

Nah. But living in Austin, you can’t help but soak it up. Right now I’m driving in a van, the sun is hot, and I just got done filming [for the day], so the accent is coming out.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when filming wraps?

I’m going to do a motorcycle trip back to L.A. As I travel, I’m going to shed [my TV-star pretenses]. By the time I pull up to the house, it will be just me, Kyle. Whatever the wife says goes. No more “Hey, I need a sandwich.” That stuff doesn’t work at home.

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