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Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo turn up at the L.A. hot spot where Jessica Simpson is partying

It had to happen: One day Jessica Simpson would bump into her ex, Nick Lachey, with his new steady. That day was July 15—in the early morning hours—at L.A.’s Hyde Lounge. Simpson, who was chatting with hairdresser Ken Paves, was “having a grand time,” says an observer. “She was totally vibing the music.” Then Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo arrived hand-in-hand. “Jessica’s rhythm totally changed. She stopped moving,” says the witness. “It looked like she was going to shoot out a laser beam and incinerate them.” Lachey, on the other hand, “never broke a sweat,” says another observer.

While several people at the club tell Scoop the two never interacted, close friends of both Simpson and Lachey report that Lachey came over to chat and give his ex a hug. “They both handled it well. They behaved like two people moving on,” says a source close to Lachey. “There’s no hostility,” adds a Simpson pal, who says Simpson was nonetheless disturbed when Lachey engaged in a “heavy make-out session” with Minnillo. “She didn’t need to see [that].”

Oprah gay? She says no way

“I understand why people think we’re gay,” Oprah writes in the August issue of O, The Oprah Magazine about her super-cozy relationship with longtime best buddy Gayle King. “There isn’t a definition in our culture for this kind of bond between women…. How can you be this close without it being sexual?” Adds King: “If we were gay, we would tell you because there’s nothing wrong with being gay.” The rumors certainly aren’t new, and they’ve denied them at least three times, beginning in 1997. So why bother doing it again now? The theme of O‘s August issue is friendship, says a magazine spokesperson. “Who better to discuss friendship than Oprah and Gayle, who have been best friends for 30 years?”


Has a combination of slimmer stars and larger purses led to a spike in satchel-to-celeb ratios?

Ashley Olsen

Victoria Beckham

Keira Knightley

Nicole Richie

Ashlee: Buy My House

Less than a year after settling into her sprawling $6 million Encino, Calif., estate, Ashlee Simpson is putting it up for sale. Bound for a beach house, the singer talked up her new listing with Scoop …

• Ample wardrobe accommodations: “The selling point for me was the closet,” she says. “It’s 1,300 square feet!”

• A pool with a view: “Mountains on one side, the city on the other.”

• High-profile neighbors: “You can see my parents’ house.”

David Spade’s A-List B-Day

Heather Locklear sang him no love songs but karaoke still ruled at David Spade’s 42nd-birthday bash at Santa Monica’s Buffalo Club. Ellen DeGeneres, who also held a party that evening (see p. 51), and Lindsay Lohan belted out Madonna‘s “Like a Virgin”; other guests included Chris Rock and Adam Sandler. In quieter moments, “David was doting on [Heather],” says an observer, though the two refrained from PDA. But what about a certain PDI (Public Display of Ink)—the word “Finch” newly tattooed above a heart—on her ankle? Does it refer to Dennis Finch, Spade’s Just Shoot Me character? Far from it, insists a source: “It means she’s free as a bird.” That is so tweet.

Pam Gets a Rock

Yes. I’m finally getting remarried … I’m moving on … I’m in love!” Ripped from the headlines of Pamela Anderson‘s online diary came the news that Anderson and on-again off-again on-again boyfriend Kid Rock have become engaged. The pair plan to wed on July 29 on a yacht near Saint-Tropez, where they recently ran into each other and rekindled the romance. “It was like we had never been apart,” says Rock. They had plenty to talk about; just days earlier, in Switzerland for the Montreux Jazz Festival, Rock woke up in jail after a reveler in his suite was injured while partying there. He was released later that day and plans to tell the tale in a song: “I just gotta figure out what rhymes with Switzerland.”


“They are definitely boyfriend and girlfriend now,” says a source. Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton started dating July 2 and have been almost inseparable ever since. Scoop takes a look at the recent goings-on in their (relatively) long-term love affair …


The pair went out and lounged at Hyde—he drove home, she rode shotgun.


At Guy’s in West Hollywood, Lohan made googly eyes at her guy while Samantha Ronson spun tunes.


Girls night out: Lohan stopped to chat with pals at Chateau Marmont.


Held hands at the Prada party in Beverly Hills. Shared a drink, a smoke and an exit.


Hit new Friday night hot spot Les Deux and chilled with Nicole Richie.


First a clambake, then off to David Spade’s b-day bash.


Week over: Time to relax at Morton’s pad in Malibu (right).

Project Runway: Tale of the Tattoo

What’s that scribbling around Runway contestant Jeffrey Sebelia’s neck? His son’s name, tattooed with “a lot of swirly calligraphy,” Sebelia tells Scoop. Eighteen-month-old Harrison Detroit “is the love of my life, so underneath it says, ‘l’amor de la mia vita.'” And if that’s not enough to impress little Harrison, how about the pain Dad endured? The eight-hour tattoo job, Sebelia says, was “brutal.”

Remini: I Saw Suri!

“She’s a beaming baby. She looks like Tom and Katie, she’s just beautiful,” actress Leah Remini tells Scoop. Yes, she’s talking about Suri Cruise, who hasn’t been seen publicly since her April 18 birth. Remini—like Tom and Katie a Scientologist—saw Suri at the couple’s L.A. home recently and says Mom and Dad are “just great parents. There wasn’t a second she was out of their arms except when I held her.”