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Denise Richards joins Richie Sambora in Europe, while Heather Locklear pals around with David Spade in L.A.—and the former friends’ feud lives on.

It’s downright childish. But is it true? Did Heather Locklear recently park outside Denise Richards‘s Westlake Village house and blast Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”? Locklear has stopped speaking to Richards after finding out that she is dating her estranged husband, Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora. But a Locklear pal denies she pulled any Hollywood-turned-high-school hijinks: “It 100 percent never, ever happened.” Counters a Richards pal: “It is 100 percent true.” (Math, Hollywood style.)

Meanwhile, Locklear, 44, joined friends, including David Spade, for dinner at L.A. hot spot Republic May 20. That same night Richards, 35—who is now seeking a cut of Charlie Sheen’s Screen Actors Guild pension in addition to sole custody of their two kids—watched from backstage as Sambora, 46, rocked out in Dublin. The two then hopped a private jet and checked into a five-star hotel south of Naples. Who needs drive-by serenades? They can make their own music.


Nicole Richie and DJ AM have called it quits. Sound familiar? The pair ended their engagement last December—but rekindled the spark just three months later. By their late-March PDA-filled getaway to Los Cabos, Mexico, the two seemed blissfully “back on.” But on May 23 the Simple Life 4 star and 33-year-old AM (né Adam Goldstein) announced, “We have amicably separated.” But why? “Nicole is no longer the girl AM fell in love with,” says a source close to both. “She’s a skeleton of her former self, a party girl.” Still, another source says just the opposite of Richie, 24: “Nicole has been trying to keep away from [the nightlife scene] and AM can’t—it’s his job.”


Michelle Rodriguez had an unusual take on her recent 65-hour stay in an Oahu jail, the result of a 2005 drunk driving arrest: “It was an amazing experience … People were cool.” Good thing she feels that way. Now a judge has sentenced the former Lost star, 27, to 60 days in L.A. County Jail for violating probation. “Obviously, this is not the most pleasant thing,” says friend Anand Jon, Rodriguez’s design partner in her upcoming clothing line Ishkidada. “But she will make the best of it.”

Lindsay + Stavros?

Lindsay Lohan and Stavros Niarchos were first spied together five days before he and Paris Hilton broke up last month. Now it’s clear that was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Lohan, 19, and Niarchos, 21, were spotted kissing May 15 at the Manhattan nightclub Butter. The next evening they partied together at Bungalow from 8 until 3 a.m. and on May 17 caught an Elefant concert at Webster Hall. As for Hilton, she seemed unfazed May 20 as she danced and sang Rod Stewart’s song “Do You Think I’m Sexy” atop a table at a party hosted by Suite Miami at the Cannes Film Festival.


Oh, what a night! Long before they were red-carpet regulars, these stars were parading satin tuxes and huge hair at their high school proms:

George Clooney
The object of female adoration, even at 17. Clooney flashed his trademark grin at Kentucky’s Augusta High prom in 1978.

Natalie Portman
The new star didn’t snub 1999’s Syosset High School prom in N.Y.C.

Drew & Lea Lachey

Dancing with Future Stars at Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts in 1992.

Jennifer Aniston
Dating up? The freshman—looking a lot like Rachel in the Friends flashback—at Rudolf Steiner School’s 1984 prom in N.Y.C.

Kobe Bryant & Brandy

In 1996, the Laker-to-be squired Brandy to his Lower Merion prom in Philadelphia, which she proclaimed “the most fun I’ve ever had.”


Hugh & Jemima: Splitting?

Could Hugh Grant be back on the market? On May 21 a British tabloid claimed that Jemima Khan made a tearful transatlantic call to Grant on the Manhattan set of his new movie to say she’d had enough. The fight was reportedly over his failure to commit: Khan recently purchased a home in London’s Tony Chelsea district, but, the paper claimed, Grant might not move in. (Khan had a full week: On May 15 she shared a 60-second smooch with Kate Moss, raising $110,000 at a charity event.) So are the pair calling it quits? Reps had no comment, but a friend of the couple’s insists that though Grant is busy filming, there is “no change” in the relationship.


Petra Nemcova’s been busy. First, she was spotted with NFL star Kyle Boller May 5 and then Bruce Willis last week, and now rumors are swirling about a new beau: British crooner James Blunt. Are these two making “Beautiful” music? “They’re just friends,” says a rep for the model, in what has become a familiar refrain. “She’s a fan of his music.”

Jude: With Sienna?

Could it be? After all the tearful confessions and confrontations, have the golden couple finally overcome Nannygate? It certainly seemed that way at the Hollywood hot spot Shag May 22, as Jude Law and Sienna Miller got close and cuddly over vodka tonics. Lindsay Lohan kept the lovebirds company in their V.I.P. booth and even volunteered to head outside first at the end of the night, creating a flashbulb frenzy that prevented photographers from catching on to the comely duo. Couples who dodge paparazzi together, stay together?

Kristin as Daisy Duke?

First, Kristin Cavallari was linked with Jessica’s man, now she is being eyed for Jessica’s role. Bill Gerber, the producer of Dukes of Hazzard, tells Scoop he is working on a prequel to the movie that brought Jessica Simpson (and her rear view) film fame—and he thinks Cavallari would fill out those Daisy Dukes quite nicely. “She’s at the top of the list,” he tells Scoop. “I like her innocence and her beauty.” Why not just stick with Simpson? “It’s a prequel, like Batman,” he says. “We’re going for a whole new cast.” Reps for Cavallari (left) and Simpson (right) did not return calls.

Q + A

Denis on Fire

Denis Leary knew exactly what he wanted to wear for his Scoop photo shoot—no suits!— and exactly how to fire up viewers for Rescue Me‘s May 30 season premiere.

At the end of season two, your character’s son was killed by a drunk driver. What’s next?

I hate to say it, but there’s another huge shocker at the end of the first episode.

Any casting additions?

Susan Sarandon is playing this older, sexy, wealthy woman. And Marisa Tomei plays my brother’s ex. Steven Tyler’s a huge fan of the show, and I’m trying to figure out how to put him on. He’s not going to pass as a fireman. Do we have him play himself? A guy who looks like Steven Tyler? It’s a nice problem to have.

How do you film those trademark fire scenes?

People don’t understand how many fake fires are happening in Manhattan. It’s real fire but it’s controlled by us. Without fail, the real firemen get called. Somebody’s looking out a window and says, “Oh my God; those kids are trapped in a burning bus!”

You voiced Diego in the Ice Age movies. Why’s your voice so distinctive?

I don’t know … I guess I sound like a tiger.