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Look! Up in the sky! It’s Brad! It’s Angelina! It’s Maddox! All spending a little high-altitude

Ah, now we know why Angelina Jolie keeps Brad Pitt around: another set of arms. Her son Maddox, 4, got a boost Oct. 16 from Mom’s other favorite guy after the trio took Jolie’s Cirrus SR22 airplane for a spin in Alberta, Canada—an increasingly regular activity now that Pitt has joined Jolie in taking flying lessons. Lately, Jolie, Maddox and 9-month-old sister Zahara have settled in with Pitt in a home outside Calgary while the actor films The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. In between daily set visits, where Maddox plays with the other children, including Mary Loulse Parker’s 21-month-old son William, Jolie and the kids like to shop. On Oct. 8 they stopped by a charity exhibit selling paintings by Ghanian children. Jolie bought five pieces for about $850, including a whale drawing that Maddox chose. She “looked like a great, grounded mom,” says the event’s organizer, Alisa Buckley. “She just has a glow.”

Not So Simple

The good news for fans of The Simple Life: Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton begin shooting their fourth season on Nov. 1. The bad: On Oct. 12, FOX canceled the show. The deal? 20th Century Fox, the studio behind the series, is seeking a new network. “All of them are fighting over it,” says Hilton. Richie is less optimistic. “Whatever happens, happens,” she says. Reps for most networks declined comment. Both stars are guaranteed paydays whether the show airs or not because their options were renewed earlier this year—even though the two remain at odds with one another. Also renewed: Hilton’s fixation with Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos. They recently cuddled at two L.A. clubs.


After starring in a miniseries about women forced into sex slavery (Human Trafficking, on Lifetime Oct. 24 and 25; see review, page 43), Mira Sorvino took the issue to Washington, speaking to the Congressional Human Rights Caucus Oct. 18. “People are put into a situation where they are coerced to work for no pay and basically owned by another person,” the actress tells Scoop. Sorvino, 38, spoke with several victims after filming the movie. “One of them was sold to a pedophile when she was 15. She was snatched off the streets of Los Angeles.” She adds: “I had not realized that people could still be so callous and inhuman as to own another person.”

Calender Girl

Kate Moss‘s career deflated like a flat tire after photos of her allegedly snorting cocaine ran in the British press. Burberry, Chanel and H&M all dropped the model. An exception: Italian tire company Pirelli, featuring Moss in their 2006 calendar. “What Kate does in her private life is her own concern,” says a company rep.

Clooney on Campus

After screening Good Night, and Good Luck, his take on braodcast news during the McCarthy era, George Clooney played teacher at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism Oct. 14, fielding questions about the media. Some nuggets of knowledge from professor Clooney: On advice for young journalists: “Grow up and stick your neck out and get it burned every once in a while. That’s how you get things done.”

On bloggers vs. mainstream media: “I think it’s great to have someone stirring it up and asking tougher questions. [But] I see a lot of horses—- on both sides.”

On the golden rule of journalism: “Authority unquestioned [is] always, always corrupt.”

Mary-Kate Takes a Study Break

After only a month of classes, would-be sophomore Mary-Kate Olsen is no longer toting her trusty jumbo coffee around campus. “Mary-Kate has taken an approved leave of absence from New York University,” says her rep. Just after studies were heating up, apparently. The New York Daily News reported that Olsen, 19, took an acting class in which she pretended to be a phone-sex operator named “Candy.”

A Madonna Lecture

Musical icon, movie star, children’s book author…and now, academic! As part of mtvU’s Stand In series, Madonna surprised students at New York City’s Hunter College when she showed up as a guest lecturer Oct. 18. After screening her new documentary I’m Going to Tell You a Secret—about her 2004 tour—the singer, 47, hosted a 20-minute Q&A. Among her words of wisdom: “The best thing to do is find one person in your life and try to love them unconditionally.” Students were impressed. “I died,” says Michelle Cast, 23. “She looked amazing and was very willing to answer everyone’s questions.” Adds Andrea Boglioli, 20: “Everyone stood up and applauded for like 10 minutes. Everyone had their cell phone cameras out.”

Sex Change—on TV

Actor Alexis Arquette, 36—brother to David, Patricia and Rosanna Arquette—wants a change. He’s in the process of becoming a woman and plans to air his story as a two-hour documentary on A&E next year. “We’ve been with him on and off as he makes this journey,” says network spokeswoman Nancy Dubuc. “I think it’s as important for Alexis as it is for us to tell the story honestly.” The camera has captured therapy sessions and Arquette’s first hormone injections; whether it will be in the operating room is still up in the air. “This is a very personal thing,” says Dubuc. “We don’t want to influence him one way or another. We want him to tell the story that is naturally there.”

Meet the New Bond

Sean Connery. George Lazenby. Roger Moore. Timothy Dalton. Pierce Brosnan. Danny Craig?” said Daniel Craig with a laugh last May when asked about the prospect of becoming the next James Bond. No need to chuckle now. Craig, 37, will star as 007 in Casino Royale, set for release next year. How does it feel? “I’ve got a big pair of shoes to step into after Pierce,” says the actor, who celebrated the news with two martinis. “It’s a responsibility, but it’s also a huge adventure.”

Martin Connor, his former drama teacher, has no doubt the fair-haired Craig, an Englishman—already being called “James Blond”—will be a natural. “He’s got a twinkle about him; he’s kind of roguish,” Connor says. “He’s got great presence and charisma and strength.” Craig starred opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in Sylvia, dated Kate Moss last year and has been linked to Sienna Miller—though the two maintain they’re just friends. Asked to choose between Miller and Moss as a new Bond girl, he said, “I’m not going to get into that.”


London’s Evening Standard says it obtained a production memo explaining why Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell didn’t get the role. To wit:

“Too Fey”

“Too Short”

“Too Sleazy”



Heidi Klum

A month after giving birth to son Henry, Heidi Klum looked fit as she worked with kids from A Place Called Home, helping at-risk girls audition for a holiday show with the Top Hats dancers at the Grove, a shopping, dining and entertainment center in L.A. Klum, 32, spoke with Scoop about life after baby with Henry, daughter Leni, 1, and husband Seal.

You look great. Hard to believe you just had a baby.

Thank you. I have not started working out yet with the trainer. It’s been four weeks yesterday. You have to heal. I’m not a machine. You can’t give birth and then the next day you’re back in the gym.

But you look like it.

I sometimes think you go back to the body that you were before the baby. It takes a little while, but if you eat healthy and move around, you do go back.

How is the baby doing?

Adorable. Eats like crazy! He was 8 lbs. when I had him, and he’s 11 lbs. now. He’s going to be big. He’s going to look down on his big papa.

You’re here to help the kids audition for a dance troupe. Do you have a dance background?

Fifteen years. I started with tap, and then I did jazz. I did a little bit of ballet.

What are you telling the young dancers?

A friend asked me if I wanted to chat with the girls about work, and say that it’s all right if they don’t make it today, because they can try again another time.

Wait—you’ve dealt with rejection?

Oh, yes I have, many times. I still do. I tried out for the movie Chicago about four years ago. I didn’t want to be the main star, but I knew there were four or five smaller parts. I went into the casting room and there were all these Broadway dancers. I tried for the part and I didn’t get it.

Do you still keep up with dance?

After two kids, no!

So how is life with two little ones?

It’s exhausting. But it’s the best thing for us because that’s what we really wanted to do. Thank God I have a man with a lot of patience, who helps me. The family is our life.



PRICE: Nearly $6.5 million

PLACE: Los Angeles

Dennis Quaid didn’t look far for help selling this Brentwood Park house: His wife, Kimberly, is a real estate agent. The couple, who married in July 2004, recently moved to Pacific Palisades. Quaid and his former wife, Meg Ryan, previously shared this six-bedroom, 6,300-sq.-ft home, built in 1917 and updated with new appliances and a gym.