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Jennifer Aniston hits the tube to say she’s putting the past behind and is ready to take the attention, bachelors. Jennifer Aniston says she’s ready to date again. And she wants to have babies. “Yes, I do…I do, I do. I always have,” she told Oprah Winfrey during a sit-down Sept. 19. So, no lingering thoughts about the ex? “I’m not sitting somewhere dwelling on the past or fretting or obsessing about something in the future,” she said. “I don’t want to be anywhere other than where I am right now.” For Aniston, 36, that means going to yoga classes three times a week, hanging with girlfriends and maybe even catching a comedy show featuring her costar of The Break Up, Vince Vaughn, which is what she did Sept. 16 in Oxnard, Calif., laughing the loudest when Vaughn vamped for time with Elvis Presley impersonations during a technical malfunction. After the show, she and a girlfriend joined Vaughn in his $1.5 million tour bus.

And what of the man on whom Aniston no longer dwells? Brad Pitt was busy studying poverty and other worldly issues with Angelina Jolie Sept. 17 at a Global Initiative forum held by former President Bill Clinton in New York City. The pair kept their distance from each other while in public at the three-day conference. Afterward, Pitt returned to the western Canada set where he is filming The Assassination of Jesse James, and retrieved his powder-blue and white motorcycle for a ride near the set. Jolie, after wrapping The Good Shepherd in Brooklyn Sept. 16, stayed behind in New York, where she celebrated World Peace Day with her kids Maddox, 4, and Zahara, 9 months, on Sept. 21.

Fired: Kate Moss
H&M’s ad policy states that “the people we show in our advertising must be healthy and wholesome.” Which is why, on Sept. 20, the department store fired Kate Moss as the face of the Stella McCartney-designed part of its fall collection, just days after Britain’s Mirror splashed photos of Moss snorting cocaine at a London recording studio. Moss, 31, apologized privately to H&M brass but offered no public comment. Not all is lost. Moss also models for Burberry, whose creative director Christopher Bailey told Scoop, “I’m sorry that Kate is going through hard times. She’s part of our family, and we will be supporting her.”

Off to Africa

The latest American celebrity headed to Africa is Drew Barrymore, 30. who wants to study poverty in Kenya firsthand before determining how she might help. A United Nations source says Barrymore has been reading about the issue and wanted to learn more. Though she has expressed interest in the U.N.’s Millennium Project—aimed at dispelling world poverty—headed by U.N. adviser and Angelina Jolie associate Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Barrymore is taking the trip on her own, without the guidance of the organization. A rep for the star had no comment about the trip.

Heart Monitor


Has Sienna Miller finally decided to take Jude Law back after his infamous fling with nanny Daisy Wright? So it seemed Sept. 17 in London when the pair left Wyndham’s Theatre together following Miller’s final appearance in As You Like It. Although an emotional Miller bawled during her curtain call, the openly affectionate couple—Miller in a golden backless dress and matching strappy sandals—hit the play’s wrap party at the nightspot Teatro before heading to the nightclub Kabaret’s Prophecy, where they snuggled and danced until 5 a.m. “They looked very happy together,” said one onlooker. “They were dancing and having fun.” One note of caution: The couple won’t comment on their status, and Miller is not wearing her $35,000 engagement ring.

How Lance Proposed

When Sheryl Crow sashayed into Versace’s grand relaunch party at London’s Sloane Street store Sept. 19, the singer couldn’t help but gush about the moment fiancé (and Tour de France champ) Lance Armstrong, 34, popped the question. “He rowed me out into the middle of a lake in the mountains and asked me to get married,” Crow, 43, tells Scoop. “It was very romantic.” Then she waved her huge platinum-set diamond ring. “He picked out the ring himself and had it designed. It’s absolutely gorgeous,” says Crow, adding that they’re already planning a spring wedding, likely in the U.S. Big party or private affair? “Don’t know yet,” she says. “I think probably a pretty big do.”

Charlie and Denise: The Ring Returns

Charlie Sheen has two theories about why his marriage to Denise Richards hit an iceberg. One: “I was a gigantic ass,” he told David Letterman Sept. 15. Two: He watched too much sports on TV, neglecting parental duties. The perhaps somewhat sugarcoated explanation came after more signs that the couple are closer than ever to reconciliation. “We’re working toward getting back together and fixing things,” Sheen said on Letterman’s Late Show. “We have hope. We have a shot.” Sources close to the two say they’ve been spending more time together and with their daughters Sam, 1, and Lola, 4 months, since Richards filed for divorce March 2. Though a rep for Richards had no comment on Sheen’s remarks, Richards is again wearing a ring on her wedding finger (below).

Lost’s Hawaiian Bash

Sure, actors thank fans (acceptance speech, anyone?), but on Sept. 14, the cast of Lost showed appreciation with a Sunset on the Beach party on Waikiki, where nearly 5,000 Lost followers—undaunted by showers—got a sneak preview of Season 2. “Last year the show was our little secret,” Matthew Fox told Scoop on the waterlogged red carpet. “This year, it’s not ours anymore. It’s everybody’s.” Costar Josh Holloway marveled at the crowd. “All these people in the rain to see us—it’s unreal.” Guests dined on a shrimp, prime rib and stir-fry buffet after watching the premiere under the stars. “Tonight,” Holloway said, “was about the fans.”

Russell Talks Back

While his attorneys tried to get Russell Crowe a reduced charge last week for throwing a telephone at a Manhattan hotel clerk on June 6, the actor told Australia’s Bulletin magazine he might not mind losing his ability to work in the U.S. if convicted. “Maybe it’s better I don’t travel to America,” said Crowe. “Maybe it’s better I don’t work in the area of the business that attracts so many flies.” Attorney Mel Sachs, whose clients include Mike Tyson and Lil’ Kim, notes that “Crowe’s continued antics may very well sink any worthwhile plea bargain.” Barring a deal, Crowe, 41, is scheduled to appear in court Nov. 18 to face felony assault and weapon possession charges. His aggressive nature may come in handy if he succeeds in his quest to buy the South Sydney Rabbitohs, an Australian rugby club. Team CEO Shane Richardson said the actor approached him about a deal which, he says, “could be a big opportunity for the club.”


Just Like Heaven’s
Mark Ruffalo

“I’ve never seen ghosts,” says Mark Ruffalo, whose character teams up with one played by Reese Witherspoon in the new romantic comedy Just Like Heaven. But he’s willing to give the spirits the benefit of the doubt. Ruffalo, 37, spoke with Scoop about possible brushes with the supernatural, working with Witherspoon and the unfortunate nicknames of his youth.

Just Like Heaven revolves around a metaphysical experience. Ever had one?

When I had a brain tumor [in 2001], I had a dream that I had a brain tumor. That’s what sent me to the doctor. But I don’t think that was supernatural. I just think part of me was saying, “Wake up, man. Something’s wrong.”

Did the health scare give you a new perspective on life or your career?

That was four years ago. You get sick, and stuff goes wrong, and you’re bald. You don’t know where you’re going to end up, you don’t know how it’s going to turn out. It just makes you really appreciate your health.

On to the present. How was working with Reese Witherspoon?

We have a lot in common. We’re a little bit under the radar. We both have a back ground in independent pictures. We have kids. I always thought she’d be more straitlaced than she actually is. She’s pretty fun and shoots from the hip a lot.

You too?

I get along well with the people I work with. I make it a point to be open and available. I don’t have a lot of hang-ups. I’ve been kicking around on the bottom for a long time. I’m thankful just to be there.

Yet you do have some unpleasant childhood memories.

When I was in high school, I had cystic acne and was a little overweight. People made fun of my last name all the time: Buffalo Breath, Buffalo Fart, Buffalo Lips. It was an ongoing buffalo joke.

How’s life today?

It’s great. I have a newborn: she’s [five] months now. It’s the grounding reality check of this life. Everyone’s doing well. There’s a lot of love in the house.



PRICE: $1.05 million

PLACE: Avon, Colo.

The Bachelorette lovebirds Trista and Ryan Sutter are trading in their 3,250-sq.-ft., four-bedroom, four-bath home for a new house nearby. “We need to downsize for at least a year or two,” says Trista. Ryan recently started an environmental design company, and the two plan, eventually, to build an eco-friendly dream house.