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Ellen Moves On


Yep, it’s over: Ellen DeGeneres and her girlfriend of four years, photographer Alexandra Hedison, have separated. Although DeGeneres’s rep refused to comment, an insider says that in November Hedison moved out of the Hollywood Hills home she shared with the talk show host. Furthermore, according to another source, DeGeneres, 46, already has a new love interest: Arrested Development star Portia de Rossi, 31, who recently split with her girlfriend of three years, singer-songwriter Francesca Gregorini.

Although DeGeneres and de Rossi, who was once featured on Ally McBeal, have been acquainted for some time, their romance came to light at the VH1 Big in ’04 awards ceremony in Los Angeles on Dec. 1. An onlooker reports, “Ellen and Portia seemed totally into each other. Their body language was intense.” A spokesman for de Rossi wouldn’t discuss her personal life.



• The two met in 2000 through mutual friends

• For the past year and a half they wore wedding bands

• They had two cats, Harlow and Subtle, and a dog, Lucy


• In 2002 the couple bought a $2.1 million home in Los Feliz

• They were once photographed together kissing in an alleyway

• Gregorini is the stepdaughter of ex-Beatle Ringo Starr

Reality Check


Eva Pigford

The winner of UPN’s America’s Next Top Model, Eva “the Diva” Pigford, may be a novice in front of the camera, but she’s already mastered the supermodel attitude. “I think what makes a diva is individuality and presence,” says Pigford, 20. “When I speak, people want to listen. They want to know. It’s definitely a gift from God.” Says series creator Tyra Banks: “She stood out because of her strength. She is a star.” Pigford, who won a shot at being managed by Ford Models, a $100,000 modeling contract and a fashion spread in Elle, says she found her fashion sense at Clark Atlanta University in Georgia. “I would wear an outfit one day, and the next week eight or nine girls would have that outfit,” says Pigford. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, do I really trend-set like this?’ ”


Chris Daugherty

After pocketing the $1 million prize on the Dec. 12 finale of Survivor: Vanuatu, Ohio highway construction worker Chris Daugherty, 34, is ready to tackle his next challenge: marriage.

In February you’re tying the knot with your girlfriend of eight years, office assistant Lorie Goves?

Yeah, we wanted to get married [on vacation] in Cancún last month, but it’s expensive. We were looking at a $4,000 [wedding].

What else are you going to do with the money?

Lorie’s already looking at campers so we can go tailgating at NASCAR races. We are totally pumped!

Do you hang out with any other Survivors?

We plan to go to a face with Sarge [Lea Masters] and his wife and with Bubba [Travis Sampson] too. Man, he’s awesome.

+ Rupert Carded

Has Survivor Rupert Boneham gone legit? The wild man handed out 100 of his business cards (right) touting his Web site ( at this season’s finale in L.A.

+ Sharon Sues Plastic Surgeon

When it comes to plastic surgery, Sharon Stone once said, “I don’t fault it for someone who wants it.” But Stone, 46, wants to make it clear she hasn’t gone under the knife herself. So clear that she filed a libel and slander lawsuit Dec. 13 against Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Renato Calabria, alleging he falsely claimed responsibility—in magazines and in his press kit—for a procedure on her. “Sharon Stone has never undergone a face-lift,” the suit says. “False statements that Sharon Stone has sought to artificially preserve her beauty…are damaging to her professional reputation as a talented and beautiful actress who prides herself on her natural beauty.” Calabria’s lawyer says the surgeon “never told anyone he did plastic surgery work on Sharon Stone, nor has he ever taken credit for it.”


Just a few weeks old, and twins Phinnaeus and Hazel have already made a difference: They have brought together in a hospital room mom Julia Roberts and uncle Eric Roberts. The siblings have differed since Julia sided with Eric’s ex-girlfriend Kelly Cunningham during a 1993 custody battle over the couple’s daughter Emma. He visited the new mom while she was nursing her twins two days after their birth on Nov. 28. “We all dropped a couple of tears,” says Eric, 48. “We couldn’t stop going, ‘Ooo, wow, look at his hands, look at his feet, he’s got red hair!’ ” Eric says his relationship with his sister is back on track. “What matters now is the children,” he says. “Everybody’s healthy, happy and wise. Julia was probably the best-looking pregnant broad on the planet. And I don’t think she’s ever been happier in my presence.”

+ Did You Get Yours?

Donald Trump will try marriage for the third time on Jan. 22, when he weds model Melania Knauss, 34. Among the many people The Donald, 58, invited to the ceremony was The Insider‘s Pat O’Brien, who gave Scoop a peek at his coveted invitation.


Freddie Prinze Jr.

Stuffing his lower lip with Kodiak chewing tobacco (“It’s my one vice”), Freddie Prinze Jr. relaxed in his trailer between takes while filming Nailed Right In, a drama about three young men involved in a struggle with a Brooklyn Mob boss. Prinze spoke with Scoop about his career, wife Sarah Michelle Gellar and…gray hair?

People say this is your first “adult” role in a film.

People have to understand: Growing up as a Puerto Rican in this business is very hard unless you want [your character] to sell drugs, or be a pimp, or carry a gun. And I refused to do that. I tried to do roles that would be endearing, that people could embrace, that everyone could relate to whether they’re Puerto Rican or Chinese or a Cherokee Indian. So long as it communicated to more than one group of people.

Like Scooby-Doo?

I’m talking about other films: She’s All That, Down to You. People have to remember—I was a kid then! I know I have a lot of gray hair, but I’m only 28.

Freddie Prinze Jr. has gray hair?

Oh my God. I have to color it every day. I have more gray than brown at this point. At least I’ve got hair.

How was it working with your wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, in the Scooby films?

Well, Scooby 2—that wasn’t really a challenge. But Warner Brothers didn’t really want Sarah and me in the movie, so…


Yeah, I mean, that’s the way I felt. They were nonchalant about it, and they didn’t really write anything in the script for us to do. We were just there to sell the movie. That’s my opinion. I’m sure they’ll go, “No, no Freddie!”

How’s married life after two years?

Sarah and I work because we don’t talk about our relationship [to the press]. We’re able to deal with the challenges that every couple deals with. And ours aren’t unique. But we mainly work because we stay very private. There are people who are very public, and they’re in love and rockin’ and rollin’. But this is what’s best for us.



PRICE: $32 million

PLACE: New York City

Donatella Versace, known for her bold fashions, is selling a six-floor Manhattan townhouse with understated flair. Located near Central Park, the approximately 12,000-sq.-ft. residence features a library, elevator, private garden with fountain and imported wood floors from an Austrian castle.