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Tying the Knot? Not!

Despite reports in the British press, Jude Law and Orlando Bloom remain single

Jude Law is clearly head over heels about actress Sienna Miller. “When they were together, they looked like a stamp and envelope—always stuck together,” says a crew member, describing a recent visit by Law to the set of Casanova, where Miller is filming. The same goes for Orlando Bloom and his girlfriend Kate Bosworth, with whom he shared a Malibu beach house last summer. Still, after British papers reported last week that both couples had got engaged, reps for each duo quickly shot down all wedding talk.

Britain’s Sunday Mirror reported on Oct. 3 that Law dropped to one knee and proposed to Miller, his girlfriend of more than a year, along the canals of Venice. “It’s absolutely not true,” says a spokesperson for the pair. Besides, what’s the rush? Law, 31, who had been married to Brit actress Sadie Frost, 39, for six years, saw his marriage end in October 2003. The single dad—he and Frost have three children—and Miller, 22, have been enjoying each other’s company since they met on the set of the upcoming comedy Alfie. Says Alfie director Charles Shyer: “I think they’re the real thing.”

The Lord of the Rings hunk was said to have proposed to his real-life leading lady, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! actress Bosworth, with a stunning $312,000 ring. The British tabloid News of the World also reported that Bloom, 27—who began dating Bosworth, 21, in the spring of 2002—was told to keep the engagement hush-hush so as not to upset his legions of fans. The paper stated that wedding ceremonies were to take place in both Los Angeles, where Bosworth lives, and England, where Bloom grew up and still resides. “I don’t know where the rumor started,” insists a publicist for the couple, “but they are not engaged, and [Orlando] did not buy [Kate] a ring.”


Hollywood’s latest female phenoms hit the red carpet—and TV screens everywhere—Oct. 3 with the premiere of Desperate Housewives, ABC’s dark-comedy series about suburban life. Ratings were the highest of any new show this season so far (21.3 million tuned in), and critics raved. So did the stars. “It has comedy and drama, and it’s wicked,” says Felicity Huffman, 41 (frazzled mom Lynette), at the show’s party at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills. “It’s also a bonus that Eva Longoria [cheating wife Gabrielle] is in lingerie every week and Teri Hatcher [single mom Susan] is naked in the second episode.” Since they play housewives, Scoop wondered, do the actresses have any home economics skills? “I can iron better than anyone I know,” says Nicollette Sheridan, 40 (divorcee vixen Edie). Adds Longoria, 29: “My signature dish is tortilla soup—but I refuse to wash the dishes.” Hatcher, 39, says she’s a good baker and cook. Only Marcia Cross, 42 (domestic diva Bree), admits, “I am completely domestically challenged.”



Elton John wasn’t feeling the love at the Q magazine music awards in London Oct 4, where he trashed Madonna, 46, who was nominated for best live act. “Madonna—best [expletive] live act?” John asked the crowd as he took the stage. “Since when has lip-synching been live?” Her rep later responded, “Madonna does not lip-synch, nor does she spend her time trashing other artists.” Sir Elton, 57, does not fear retribution. “That’s me off [Madonna‘s]…Christmas card list,” he said in conclusion. “But do I give a toss? No.”

Trouble in Trump Town

The drama on The Apprentice this season hasn’t been confined to the boardroom. After Donald Trump fired real estate agent Jennifer Crisafulli on Sept. 29, she then lost her regular job at a Manhattan realty firm because her employers weren’t happy to see Crisafulli complaining—on air—about restaurant customers she described as “old Jewish fat ladies…jaded, old bags.” The remarks, Crisafulli says, “were taken out of context.” She also notes: “My family’s half Jewish; I don’t have a prejudiced bone,” adding she was “surprised and deeply saddened” about getting fired. Another Apprentice casualty, restaurateur Stacie J. Upchurch, went to work as a spokeswoman for Casino Fortune, an online gambling firm that once tweaked her TV boss Trump with an unsolicited bid to invest in his debt-laden casinos. “I’m going to turn this [firing] around,” says Upchurch. Even Trump’s right-hand man George Ross has rocked the yacht. Ross, a real-life executive VP in Trump’s organization, complained that he was never paid for appearing on The Apprentice. Trump now says, “He is compensated.” Any bright spots for The Donald? Trump says he’s in talks with NBC to produce a prime-time drama: Trump Tower. “NBC loves the idea,” says Trump. “NBC loves me.”

Nick and Jess, in Stitches

They’re huggable, soft and just as cute as can be. Which must be why Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey now have Cabbage Patch Kids in their likenesses, (Not available in stores; the dollmakers gave them to the couple as gifts.)


Minnie Driver

You’ve seen the movies, now buy the CD: Minnie Driver is the latest actress to try her luck as a singer. It’s not a complete lark: Driver, 34, almost signed a recording contract in the mid-’90s but switched gears after finding film success in 1995’s Circle of Friends. Her new album is called Everything I’ve Got in My Pocket.

What do you have in your pocket?

I have my keys, a little lip gloss, and I have pictures of my dog, a black Lab named Bubba. He is 5. He’s a piece of heaven.

Received any flack from musicians who think actors should stick to acting?

Actually, no. I think I would have if people did not like the record.

What’s the first album you bought as a young girl?

Parallel Lines by Blondie, because I just wanted to be Debbie Harry. I knew all those songs by heart.

What’s the greatest song to come out of a movie?

I loved the Carly Simon song “Coming Around Again” [from 1986’s Heartburn]. She does that better than anybody—writing about love and it being bittersweet.

Many performers are doing duet CDs. Who would you like to sing with?

Chris Martin from Coldplay, Bono, Alison Krauss.

How’s your love life?

I’m really happy. That’s as much as I’ll say. I’m good.

Your song “So Well” is about ending relationships. Was it about any of your former boyfriends? John Cusack, Matt Damon or Josh Brolin?

It’s a song about breaking up with someone, and you know how hard that is for anybody. Just because you’re not with them doesn’t mean you didn’t love them. It just means that it didn’t work out.

Do you follow a routine after a breakup?

Just be kind to yourself. There’s no remedy.

Got any other career changes up your sleeve?

I’d like to teach at some point in my life—teach some of the stuff that I’ve been lucky enough to learn from some of the filmmakers and actors that I’ve been around. But later, later, later. When I’m retired.



PRICE $3.1 million

PLACE Brentwood, Tenn.

Country crooner Kenny Chesney is trading his 7,000-sq.-ft. home for more space in another Nashville suburb. “It has all the bells and whistles of a new house,” says real estate agent Jim Newsom, such as a slate roof and copper gutters. Included: a secluded cabin where Chesney wrote songs.