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October 11, 2004 12:00 PM

Britney’s Hometown Honeymoon

Shortly after saying ‘I do,’ Mr. and Mrs. Federline head to Louisiana and settle into married life—she shops at the mall, he waits outside in the parking lot

Forget Paris. Newlyweds Britney Spears and Kevin Federline spent their first trip as husband and wife in her hometown of Kentwood, La., demonstrating their love…of shopping. Federline, 26, checked out the local Wal-Mart and JC Penney for hunting equipment and running shoes before driving 75 miles with Spears, 22, her mother and a friend to Baton Rouge’s Mall of Louisiana on Sept. 27. He cooled his heels in the parking lot while Spears—still wearing the pink pearl wedding necklace he gave her—and her miniposse shopped at Steve Madden for fuzzy slippers and message T-shirts (proclaiming “I Am the American Dream” and “This Is What Perfect Looks Like!”), Victoria’s Secret for lingerie and M.A.C for blushes and eyeliner. Following a quick stop for soft drinks at Raising Cane’s, a local fast-food franchise, Britney power walked her way through several more stores before the couple headed back home, making one more stop—at a gas station, where Britney bought a cap with the slogan “Shut Up & Do Me.”

Justin and Cameron: The Off/On Switch

Seems like every time someone suggests that Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are on the verge of breaking up, they appear in public closer than ever. Latest case: a night at the trendy Hollywood nightclub Avalon Sept. 24 after the two spent a few days apart on opposite coasts. Newly shorn Timberlake, 23, and Diaz, 32, danced on the VIP stage with a group of friends; at one point, the giggly couple shot party streamers at each other. The next morning the two dined at one of their favorite spots, the Griddle Cafe. But three days before Diaz left Los Angeles for New York Timberlake was seen with his good pal and assistant Trace Ayala having cocktails at the Four Seasons Hotel Sept. 15. The two then moved on to the Hollywood hot spot Concorde, where they spent the night partying in the VIP section with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. On Sept. 18 Timberlake and Ayala hit the club scene again, dancing the night away at Shelter, where Timberlake got cozy with a young brunette. “They were all over each other,” says a source. Was it serious? Even if just for a day? Both Timberlake’s and Diaz’s reps declined to comment.

Sex symbols can have crushes too. Witness Usher, 25, who is said to be so enamored of model Naomi Campbell that he called constantly and sent flowers to her room while she was in Saint-Tropez last month, only a few weeks after they met and exchanged phone numbers the weekend of the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami. “At first it was just really flattering,” says a source close to Campbell, 34. She danced with the singer in New York Sept. 8 at the Fashion Rocks concert in a number where he ran into her arms. “Usher is besotted with Naomi,” says the source close to Campbell. “He’s like a little puppy around Miss Naomi.” Need more proof? The two cuddled at the Onda Lounge in South Beach Sept. 23 at Janet Jackson‘s birthday bash for her boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri. “[Usher and Naomi’s] love was in full bloom,” says an onlooker. Future plans may include romance on the road. “Usher has asked her to go on [tour] with him,” says the source. “He’d like her to be with him all the time.” Usher’s rep insists they are just friends; Campbell’s rep would only say that “Naomi and Usher are having fun hanging out together.”

Nicole’s Guy: Date or Escort?

About 10 nanoseconds after Nicole Kidman attended an Oscar de la Hoya-Bernard Hopkins boxing match with New Zealand multimillionaire Eric Watson in Las Vegas on Sept. 18, the rumors began to swirl. New boyfriend? Significant other? The pair, who reportedly met in L.A., where the actress is filming her upcoming movie Bewitched, have nothing going on romantically, says a rep for Kidman, 36. “Eric is a friend of Nicole’s brother-in-law. There is no dating.” This isn’t the first time Watson has been caught in the spotlight. In November 2002 the businessman (who made his money selling office supplies and now owns an Auckland rugby squad and is said to be worth an estimated $200 million) got into a well-publicized brawl in the bathroom and bar area of a trendy London restaurant. His opponent? Noted rugby enthusiast Russell Crowe.


No wonder Paris Hilton has applied to trademark “That’s hot”—her mantra on A Simple Life—as her very own motto. Reports this week claim that she’s featured in another videotape. In this edition, currently making the rounds in Los Angeles, she’s allegedly drinking champagne, cavorting naked in front of the mirror and having sex with a blond-haired male in what appears to be a hotel room. And unlike her infamous sex video with ex-lover Rick Salomon, the lighting in this tape is said to be excellent. A source who says he has seen the video notes that “she’s performing for the camera and looking into it.” Britain’s sometimes scandalous News of the World claims to have obtained an 11-minute copy of the lengthy video, which they say also features Hilton’s former beaux Nick Carter and Jason Shaw. Hilton’s rep declined comment. Carter could not be reached. Shaw’s rep says, “This is absurd.”

Brosnan, the American

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, best known for his portrayal of British secret agent James Bond, has become a U.S. citizen. “I want to have a voice. I want to be able to vote for John Kerry,” says Brosnan, 51, who took the oath on Sept. 23 in L.A. Later, Brosnan returned to his Malibu home, where he was greeted by his wife, Keely, 41, their two children and a cake decorated with an American flag. The actor says that, while he’s proud to be an American, he’ll maintain dual citizenship. “I found a whole new life and identity in America,” he says. “[But] my heart and soul will be forever Irish.”


Joaquin Phoenix

For the new firefighter drama Ladder 49, Joaquin Phoenix enrolled in the Baltimore Fire Academy for six weeks, then joined a Baltimore Fire Department company for a month prior to production. And yes, he fought real fires. Phoenix, 29, spoke with Scoop about the experience.

What was your reception like at the academy?

The first day, the instructor was like, “This is Ju-ah-kine Phoenix; he has appeared in such films as Gladiator.” And I was sitting there saying, “Please don’t do this to me.”

Did they come to accept you as just another trainee?

We started doing physical training, and I made it halfway through before I ran down the hall vomiting. That broke the ice. After that I was “Hollywood.”


That was my nickname. When I was frozen on the ladder with vertigo, I couldn’t go up, and all these guys were going, “Go, Hollywood, go!” It was great. I made it, and [star treatment] faded quickly.

Did you consult with your firefighter buddies while making the movie?

Every day I would go to any number of the guys and ask them about little details.

Did you want to be a fireman when you were a kid?

No, I never did. But I’ve always loved firefighters.

Your character is the target of practical jokes in Ladder 49. Pull any yourself during filming?

Jay [Russell, the director] and I started a little war. I got shoe polish and I put it on his headphones. The crew was trying not to laugh because he had these circles all over his face.

Did he get even?

He laced my entire turnout gear (firefighting coat and pants) with a [hot] balm. And I couldn’t get out of it because we had to finish the scene. It burned.

You’re turning 30 on Oct. 28. Any big plans?

Probably not. I’m not much for birthdays.

You have been working a lot recently. What keeps you grounded?

My family [parents and three sisters]. I’m taking a break. I’m going home.



PRICE $15 million

PLACE San Francisco, Calif.

Sharon Stone and her ex-husband, newspaper editor Phil Bronstein, shared this Mediterranean-style mansion overlooking the Golden Gate. Built in 1908, the 10,000-sq.-ft. home features a private staircase to the beach—and neighbor Robin Williams just down the block.

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