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One breakup, one new friend: Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen shop, bop and adjust their social lives before hitting the books at New York University

Among the lessons learned by Mary-Kate Olsen during her first week as a college student: Sometimes, long-distance romances don’t work. New York University freshman Olsen, 18, split with her boyfriend David Katzenberg, 21, a Boston University man some 200 miles to the north. “It was a mutual parting of the ways,” says a source. “It had more to do with school than anything else. It’s reasonable for her to start school fresh.” Meanwhile her twin sister (and fellow coed) Ashley found a handsome new man–restaurateur Scott Sartiano, 29, a Columbia grad who once dated actress Anne Hathaway, 21–to show her around the streets of Manhattan and its summer alter ego, the Hamptons. Though both parties insist they are just friends, introduced by mutual acquaintance John Stamos, others say there’s a spark. “They were very attracted to each other for a while,” says one source. “But they are maintaining their friendship for now and seeing where it goes. They flirt or whatever. It is nothing that deep where they are like boyfriend and girlfriend.” This much is certain–Scott and Ashley have seen a lot of each other recently, including stops at his restaurant Butter and the Hamptons hot spot Star Room, where Ashley and Mary-Kate danced to the ’80s classic “Don’t You (Forget About Me),” as well as the restaurant Nobu Next Door. Ali Federrici, one of Scott’s business partners, often tags along.

And what about school? Ashley’s first class took place Sept. 7, Mary-Kate’s the following day. But don’t expect college to cut down on the fun the twins are having shopping and clubbing in New York. Plans call for them to attend the U.S. Open tennis finals and the Fashion Week runway shows in September. Says one friend: “They just want to blend in and become New Yorkers.”


Ah, fleet-footed time! Can it be only a year since The Wedding That Never Was—Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez‘s famously scuttled nuptials? It can. But take heart: In Las Vegas, at Madame Tussauds, the glory that was Bennifer lives on, captured in wax, with Affleck playing poker, Lopez looking on skeptically and the chips, apparently, falling where they may.

Young Love

What’s good for the gander is good for…another gander? Ivana Trump, 55, who dates actor Rossano Rubicondi, 34, will help a fortysomething woman find a twentysomething man in a Fox TV special this fall called Ivana Young Man. (But first she’s dealing with water damage to her multimillion-dollar Palm Beach mansion, hit hard by Hurricane Frances.)

Life After Sex
The cast of Sex and the City apparently moved en masse to Madison Avenue following the show’s HBO run, judging from their success in the advertising business. Their message? There is life after Sex–it’s just a little more sedate, a little less over-the-top. Herewith, six sensible bits of advice.

1 Drink tea. Trading cosmos for chamomile, KIM CATTRALL touts tea as the next happening beverage in her British TV commercials for Tetley. Cattrall, who played sexy vixen Samantha, finally finds true love—in a canister of Earl Grey.

2 Spend sensibly. Who needs those pricey Manolos anyhow? As the new face of the Gap, SARAH JESSICA PARKER, a.k.a. sex columnist Carrie, preaches a more affordable sense of style.

3 Stay dry. The prim and proper Charlotte would approve: Never leave your house without the appropriate outerwear. KRISTIN DAVIS promotes Weatherproof coats. She’ll also be the new face of Maybelline in the winter.

4 Mind your odors. Was Mr. Big a commitment-phobe, or afraid odors might end a relationship? CHRIS NOTH need not worry about the latter, given he is doing ads for Careline deodorants.

5 Put your kids first. Perhaps CYNTHIA NIXON learned from playing mom Miranda–you can’t spend enough on your child. She’s now the face of Elefanten, a high-end shoe line for children.

6 Keep working. None of the Sex actors are giving up their day jobs. All have new acting projects in the works–Davis has a deal to develop a new series at their old home, HBO–and some are engaged in other ventures. Parker will be traveling on behalf of UNICEF; Noth is a partner in a new Manhattan nightclub, NA, set to open this month.

On Sept. 13, Mark McGrath, lead singer of the rock band Sugar Ray, begins a new gig as cohost of the entertainment-news show Extra. “I’m living in such anxiety and fear just trying to get things right, I haven’t had time to really settle down into TV-anchor mode,” says McGrath, 36. Any other thoughts? “I think it will be smarmy if I use this job to [meet women],” says McGrath, who’ll continue recording with his band. “But if it does happen, I will welcome it with open arms.”


Garry Shandling

Garry Shandling has been on TV, he’s hosting TV’s biggest gala (the Emmy Awards on Sept. 19) and, like so many Americans, he also owns a TV. What does he do with it? Scoop asked.

Do you watch TV before bed?

Yes. I watch the news, and then I have nightmares like anybody else.

Fall asleep with the TV on or off?

This is complicated. Say I just fall asleep on the TV, and let’s leave it at that.

Got TiVo? Can you operate it?

I just got it and I am still learning. I didn’t actually program any of the shows yet that I want to see. I have to get used to using it.

What do you want to record?

I would TiVo some late-night shows that I never get to watch, like Conan. I have friends who go on shows that I mean to watch. Like if my buddy Dave Duchovny goes on Letterman. Jeffrey Tambor is nominated for Arrested Development, and I’d like to see that show more than I do. I bumped into John McEnroe and I want to see his show. So it is more to keep up with my friends than for my own entertainment.

Better West Wing star: Bush or Kerry?

Clinton is just looking better and better, isn’t he? Even when I saw the story about the governor of New Jersey who was having an affair with a man he was giving jobs to, I just thought that Clinton was looking better and better.

Miss Friends?

We live in a world now where everything is on DVD and in reruns. We don’t have to miss anything.

Watch much reality TV?

Other than the news, I don’t watch much. But I have seen them all and I find them fascinating.

Why are there so many reality shows?

I have a theory. The reason there are more reality shows now than dramas and comedies is because they have better scripts.



PRICE $2.5 million

PLACE Santa Monica, Calif.

SPECS Entourage‘s Jeremy Piven has a new pad to entertain his crew. The actor, who plays a power agent on the HBO series, sold his 2,800-sq.-ft. residence (right) and bought the Malibu home of Detroit Red Wing Chris Chelios. Piven’s old abode, built in 1921, features three bedrooms and a guesthouse.