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Pam and Kid: Rocked?

Talk that they’ve split dogs Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

Have Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock split? An insider tells PEOPLE that the couple, who have been engaged for more than a year, have called it quits. Reps for Anderson and Rock refused to comment; however Mike Shafer, a Michigan bar owner and friend of Rock’s, denies there’s a rift. “They are not broken up,” says Shafer flatly.

Anderson and Rock did spend last weekend apart. The actress, 35, was spotted at a softball game in Malibu with her ex-husband Tommy Lee, 40, and their two sons, Brandon, 7, and Dylan, 5. Meanwhile Rock, 32, cruised the Caribbean on the yacht of country crooner Kenny Chesney. On June 8 Rock and Chesney were seen at a bar in St. John having drinks with two women. But an observer notes that nothing romantic seemed to be going on and that Rock “was just very mellow, very subdued.”

According to Shafer, “This weekend was her son’s birthday, and Pam gave [Kid] permission to be away. He went to Knoxville to do a show with Kenny Chesney, and then he went to the Virgin Islands to record some music.”

A Sudden Death

On June 8 Australian actor Trevor Goddard, 37, who played Mic Brumby on the TV drama JAG and who will appear in this summer’s feature Pirates of the Caribbean, was found dead in his North Hollywood home. A spokesman for the L.A. County coroner’s office says they’re investigating the incident as a “possible suicide,” which “may be from a combination of illegal and prescription drugs.”

Goddard had been in the midst of divorcing his wife of 12 years, Ruthann. In January she sought a restraining order to keep him away from her and the couple’s two sons, Travis, 7, and Daniel, 4, alleging years of physical abuse. (In court papers, she claimed that Goddard once “threw an axe at me.”)

The actor’s lawyer, Jennifer Rocco, denies such charges and insists the death was an accident, saying Goddard took painkillers to cope with old boxing injuries. “Everybody is shocked,” says JAG creator Donald Bellisario. “He was such an outgoing and gregarious guy.”

Ex-Mouseketeers Gone Wild!

Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera kicked off their 45-city summer tour on June 4 in Phoenix. A primer on the shows:


Aguilera belts out everything from hits on her latest album Stripped to blues diva Etta James’s “At Last.” Timberlake sticks to songs from his first solo CD, Justified, and a couple of ‘N Sync faves.


Aguilera goes through enough costume changes and skin exposure to rival Cher.


Timberlake showcases his beat-box skills while soaring over the audience on a giant crane.

This Week’s Disgraced Reality Star

On the June 9 episode of NBC’s reality show For Love or Money, questing bachelor Rob Campos exhibited some loutish behavior, asking one woman to bend over and remove his boots and then getting overly flirtatious with other women in a hot tub. So it didn’t necessarily boggle the mind when the Smoking Gun Web site reported on the same day that Campos, 33, had been expelled from the Marine Corps Judge Advocate General training program after he allegedly drunkenly groped a female officer in 1999. He was also ordered to enter a substance-abuse treatment program. NBC said in a statement that it had been unaware of the Dallas lawyer’s past because “the incident is not public record…. Nor did Mr. Campos inform the producers.” After the Smoking Gun report, Campos apologized to NBC and issued a statement saying, “I had believed that it was a private matter that had been resolved….I have acknowledged that I behaved inappropriately.” The show will go on. The six-episode series—in which one of the women will either choose Campos or walk off with $1 million—has finished taping.

Sweet Home

American Idol Ruben Studdard gave the ultimate shout-out to Birmingham, Ala., by returning to his hometown on June 8 to shoot his first music video. “We wanted to get the real feel of where Ruben is from,” says Erik White, who directed the clip for Studdard’s “Flying Without Wings,” which was released June 10. Studdard’s mother, Emily, 49, a grade school teacher, even brought along 10 of her pupils to appear as extras. Not that additional fans were needed: Over 1,500 turned out to see their Idol. “A woman said she voted for me more than 600 times,” says Studdard, 24. “That’s overwhelming.”

Gere & There

This week’s entry in the annals of Stars in the Holy Land: Richard Gere works to bring peace to the Mideast. On a trip sponsored by the pacifist group Peacemaker Circle International, he visited the small Israeli Arab village of Faradis, attended a dinner party in Savyon with former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and spent time with Palestinian Culture Minister Ziad Abu Amr in the West Bank city of Ramallah. “I mentioned that Chicago was playing in Ramallah,” says George Khalife, a Palestinian filmmaker and Gere’s host, “and he smiled.”

Old School Lessons

Words of wisdom from Will Ferrell, who addressed Harvard’s seniors June 4: “As I stare out into this vast sea of shining faces, I see the best and the brightest. Some of you will be captains of industry, others will go on to great careers in medicine, law and public service. Four of you will go on to magnificent careers in the porno industry. I’m not trying to be funny; that’s just the statistical fact.”


with Jay Mohr

NBC’s Last Comic Standing: The Search for the Funniest Person in America, which debuted June 10, puts aspiring stand-ups through the American Idol treatment. Scoop checked in with the show’s executive producer and host Jay Mohr, 32, a veteran of Saturday Night Live and the film Jerry Maguire.

What makes you laugh?

People falling down makes me laugh. Gilda Radner once said, “Comedy is truth the moment before anticipated.” That moment is everywhere.

Are there comic subjects out there that aren’t being taken advantage of?

I don’t think there is any particular underutilized comic target. An overutilized one, in my opinion, is the difference between black people and white people. It all seems to have been said before.

Can a comedian be funny without being cruel?

Absolutely. Unless that person doesn’t have the talent. I don’t know many comics making a living on cruelty.

Is Bob Hope still funny?

Yes, but probably not on purpose.

If you live to be 100, how will you make people laugh?

Hopefully my audience will be other 100-year-olds, and we can all laugh about when we were spry and 80.

Describe a perfect sitcom.

One where the network trusts that you know what you’re doing and leaves you alone.

How hard is it to succeed as a stand-up?

It’s tough. There are thousands of comics in every city, but maybe only two or three microphones. But if you are truly funny, it’s in everyone’s best interest to help you along the way.

Carrot Top versus Gallagher: Who wins?

Carrot Top, hands down. I’m tired of all the Carrot Top bashing in Hollywood. The guy does a great job. He gives every audience their money’s worth.



Michael Douglas’s home in Wildcat Ranch in Snowmass, Colo., where the actor proposed to Catherine Zeta-Jones on New Year’s Eve, 1999, is on the market for $15 million. Douglas purchased the property in 1990 while married to his first wife, Diandra. The sprawling 664-acre property includes a 2,500-sq.-ft. guesthouse, horse barn and access to a 50-acre lake stocked with trophy trout. The grounds also serve as a wildlife preserve for deer, elk, bobcats and bears.