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He Loved Her, She Loved Him Not

Calling a truce, Britney Spears and Fred Durst privately agree to disagree

Peace at last! Britney Spears and Limp Bizkit front man Fred Durst have finally called a truce after weeks of he-said/ she-said bickering. Spears’s manager Larry Rudolph tells PEOPLE that he spoke to Durst March 1 and that “We have resolved our differences privately.” For his part, Durst posted this note on his Web site that day: “Enough already about the ‘Fred and Britney’ thing. I’m gonna do my best to put it behind me.”

There’s a lot to put behind. After meeting the 21-year-old pop star during a recording studio collaboration, Durst, 32, proclaimed his affections for her on his Web site last month, hinting that the two were a couple. Days later she denied the romance on MTV’s Total Request Live. Angered by the rebuff, the rocker went on Howard Stern’s radio show Feb. 27 and aired explicit details of their alleged tryst. “She’s definitely not the sweet little innocent,” added Durst, who claims Spears came on to him one night by wearing “a see-through shirt.” Pointedly Durst also debuted his new song “Just Drop Dead” on his Web site. Spears’s camp promptly retorted, “It’s Fred playing kiss and tell, only Fred is doing a lot more talking than he ever did kissing.” Adds a source: “He’s lovesick for this girl.”

Earlier Spears’s publicist had described the situation as “very junior high school.” At least one expert begs to differ. Says Ashley Mast, a junior high English teacher from Massachusetts: “Most of my seventh graders have more maturity than this.”

he said…

“It’s like she’s trying to play me out a little bit because she’s Britney Spears, like she can do that.”

“She definitely parties too much…drinks and smokes, yeah.”

“She’s very aggressive.”

she said…

“He’s said some pretty amazing things about me. But I think he leaped in too deep, too quick.”

“He’s not my type.”

“I think [he has a thing] for me, but not me for him.”

“There’s no relationship. I don’t know him that well.”

The New Reality Game: Endorsements

With their 15 minutes ticking fast, The Bachelorette’s Trista Rehn and Joe Millionaire couple Evan Marriott and Zora Andrich are all cashing in their reality chips. Rehn, 30, and Marriott, 28, will each star in ads for KFC’s boneless chicken wings; Andrich, 30, who says she and Evan “don’t speak regularly” but are still “friends,” plugged a casino company. She and Marriott can also be hired to appear at charity events and parties for $10,000 and $15,000 respectively. Does the super-fit Rehn, an ex-Miami Heat dancer, feel weird endorsing fast food? Not at all, she says, “there’s a KFC near my house. They should know me because I’m there so much.” Besides, she adds, “I didn’t get paid for The Bacbelorette, and I don’t have a job right now.” Andrich agrees: “People ask me, ‘Are you an aspiring actress?’ And I’m like, ‘No, I’m just aspiring to pay my bills.’ ”

Oscar’s New Pin Pals

If Meryl Streep has her way, there’ll be a flock of Peace Pins—a gold-and-diamond antiwar symbol—at the Oscars this month. Modeled after Picasso’s Dove of Peace, the pins were commissioned by Global Vision for Peace, a philanthropic outreach organization. Streep plans to wear one and is also lobbying other Oscar nominees, presenters and attendees. (Daniel Day-Lewis and Pedro Almodóvar have already signed on.)

Beverly Brouhaha

The threat of war looms. Our economy continues to tailspin. And so, filled with righteous anger, Zell Miller took the U.S. Senate floor Feb. 25 to rail against…a revival of the ’60s sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies? The Democratic senator from Georgia, a native of the Appalachian Mountain region, was objecting to a proposed new reality show from CBS, which would take a real-life poor family from that area and move them into an L.A. mansion. Miller argued that the series—still in development—will be a “minstrel show using the same old stereotype, denigrating and ridiculing” the Appalachian poor. CBS disagrees. “It’s not our intent to offend anyone,” says network rep Chris Ender. One future viewer notes that the original show had the country folk outsmarting the city slickers. “It didn’t make fun of the hillbillies,” says Max Baer Jr., 65, who played Jethro. “People loved Granny, Jed, Elly May and Jethro. If you do make fun of people, then it’s a different story.”

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When Talking Heads Collide

Madonna‘s New Chapter

They say motherhood changes a woman. It seems to have with Madonna. She once unveiled her literary side and just about everything else in Sex, her succinctly and aptly titled 1992 photo book. So what’s next from the singing scrivener? Pretty much the opposite of Sex: Madonna has signed to write five children’s stories for Penguin books. The first, The English Roses, about a fox and a little prince, is due in September.

Show Us the Money

Last month, at a London trial, Catherine Zeta-Jones called the $1.6 million she and husband Michael Douglas received for selling their wedding photos to a magazine “not that much” money. In response more than 100 students at Notre Dame Roman Catholic School in Plymouth, England, wrote the star, asking her to donate to a fund-raiser benefitting poor Nicaraguan children. “Just think about it,” writes Lucy Maker, 11. “They have no food, no money, and some have no family and no home.” Says teacher Dominique Olney: “We are just asking for a little bit of help—not the whole amount.” Zeta-Jones was not available for comment.


with Paul Hogan

Joe Millionaire may have gotten the girl, but the butler didn’t do badly either. Real-life valet Paul Hogan, 52, Evan Marriott’s faithful sidekick on Fox’s hit reality series, has set out on a new career path of personal appearances and TV cameos. Scoop asked if the experience has left him shaken and/ or stirred.

Granted, it’s not Beatlemania, but is there Butlermania?

I was in Fort Lauderdale for the weekend, and everybody knew me. I must have had my photograph taken 500 times. People have warmed to the person I portrayed on that damn Millionaire, which is very gratifying.

And now Anna Nicole Smith is asking you to appear on her reality show.

Yes, she was keen to get me to help her find Mr. Right.

You’re Australian. Aren’t real butlers English?

No, not really. Butlers come in all shapes and sorts…English, Australian, South African, Spanish, Jamaican.

Anyone in showbiz that you’d like to work for? Madonna? P. Diddy?

As a matter of fact, an agent called me six or eight months ago and said, “We do have a Mr. Combs who is looking for a butler.”

What happened?

I got sidetracked by something else and never heard back.

Who were the great showbiz butlers?

There was that fellow who looked after Dudley Moore, Sir John Gielgud [in 1981’s Arthur]. I’ve heard of Mr. Belvedere, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him.

What was in your Millionaire brandy glass?

Cognac. But by the sixth show, we ran out of cognac. For the seventh and eighth shows, it was colored water.

Been hanging with Evan lately?

No. We’ve both been on such hectic schedules. But I’m sure we’ll get together and have a beer.



It’s the ship that helped launch Princess Diana’s last romance, her ill-fated affair with Dodi Fayed. Almost six years later Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al Fayed, is selling the 209-ft. yacht, on which the couple cruised and cuddled in 1997, for $33.6 million. The new skipper will get a helipad, two Jacuzzis, a sauna, gym, saloon and nine guest cabins. And, if he or she continues to keep it parked in its current Antibes port, a flabbergasting $1.6 million annual docking fee.