Alexis Chiu
June 22, 2009 12:00 PM

What do costars Sandra Bullock, 44, and Ryan Reynolds, 32, have in common? PEOPLE’s Alexis Chiu discovered they’re sassy, sexy—and mighty silly. The pals dished about their new movie (out June 19), their spouses and what junk food they’d kill for.

When you see someone pop the question on a JumboTron, do you cheer or cringe?

BULLOCK: Cringe—the people who are gonna be in the marriage should be the [only] ones there for the proposal.

REYNOLDS: Fire trucks shouldn’t be required.

No fire trucks for Scarlett [Johansson, 24]?

REYNOLDS: I made the mistake of firing a flare gun in an old folks’ home. I was trying to set a whole romantic scene: I’m gonna save an old lady…. There were casualties [laughing].

Be serious! You are Canadian. Did you help Sandy play one in the movie?

REYNOLDS: She wouldn’t take any of my notes! I arranged skating lessons. I arranged a class called Apologies 101. She wasn’t into poutine….

BULLOCK: What’s poutine?

REYNOLDS: French fries drizzled with gravy and cheese curds. It comes with an open-heart surgeon.

What’s your favorite junk food?

BULLOCK: I’m obsessed with marshmallow fluff. The day we were done, I ate it out of the tub—I could feel it running through my veins.

REYNOLDS: I ate some of her fluff—that’s not a sentence anyone should say. For me, it’s all about Reese’s peanut butter cups. Honestly, I would snort one.

How was your nude scene together?

REYNOLDS: You start out with the proverbial fig leaf. A few hours into it, you just get tired of somebody trying to top-stick it to your genitals.

BULLOCK: I had a clear little strap, but in the end I’m like, “I don’t care. It’s gotta be funny.”

How’d you stay in shape for it?

BULLOCK: He was training for a marathon, getting up in the morning at 4 and running, like, 10 miles.

Ever work out together?

BULLOCK: Hell, no! Why would you work out with that [gesturing at his body]? That’s depressing!

You’ve been friends for years. How has Ryan changed?

BULLOCK: Nothing has changed, except his bikes get more expensive.

REYNOLDS: We’re both married now; that’s about the only difference.

BULLOCK: We vacation well together.

With Jesse [James, 40,] and Scarlett?

BULLOCK: The four of us. They’re very excellent house guests. [To Reynolds:] You guys come back with awesome stuff from Whole Foods.

Does married life suit Ryan?

BULLOCK: I’m just happy he found a good human being. They both take excellent care of each other, and they’re honorable, beautiful people. Not physically. Both are dogs—ugly!

REYNOLDS: My friend here married my dream man.

Do you have a man crush?

REYNOLDS: Every guy alive has a man crush on Jesse.

Sandy, do you feel threatened?

BULLOCK: I’m very masculine myself. I have a man crush on my husband. So I’m okay with it.

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