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Royal Watch

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Britons wondering how Diana’s death has affected Camilla Parker Bowles got a glimpse on Nov. 5, when Prince Charles’s longtime paramour was spotted in public for the first time in more than two months. Accompanied by two policemen—”a sign that she is still very much under the umbrella of the Prince of Wales,” says royals author Brian Hoey—Camilla left her Wiltshire estate, where she has kept herself in virtual seclusion, long enough to join the local Beaufort hunt. She was “looking anxious,” Britain’s Express reported—and who can blame her?

“I’ve been told that she and Charles have been together but not very much,” says her biographer Christopher Wilson (who adds that he heard that Camilla cried watching Di’s funeral on TV). Instead of heading off for a planned fall vacation, the pair are communicating mostly by phone, and Camilla has stayed away from the offices of the National Osteoporosis Society, the charity for which she serves as patron. How long will she keep a low profile? Says Hoey: “Her relationship with Charles is not going anywhere for quite some time.”


It wasn’t only Diana’s love life that was looking up during her final days. According to a report in Britain’s Sunday Times, the Princess of Wales made at least $5 million on the stock market in the year between her divorce and her death on Aug. 31. Credit for shrewd investing goes to Michael Gibbins (comptroller of Diana’s office), whom the Princess hired to look after her $28 million divorce settlement. But Di did her part as well, reportedly reining in her spending and telling friends, “I am careful because I cannot afford to lose the money that I have.”

When the princess’s will is made public next year, her boys will inherit a $35 million fortune. But William, at least, may already have a legacy he values more: He recently asked for, and was given, his mother’s sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring.


Might Princess Caroline of Monaco take her third trip down the aisle? Ernst of Hanover, 43, Caroline’s beau of nearly two years, was divorced from his wife, Chantal, on Sept. 10. Last month he and Caroline, 40, made their first public appearance as an above-board couple at a society gala at Versailles. Though the French press has reported that an engagement announcement might be forthcoming, others are skeptical. “I don’t think there’d be an engagement before next spring because Ernst’s divorce is only just now final,” says an acquaintance of the couple. “It wouldn’t be good form, would it?”