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Royal Watch

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Like simpler folk, royalty traditionally reserves late summer for rest and relaxation. Here’s the Yacht, Sport and Spa report:

The L-o-o-ve Boat: Their marriage rumored to be adrift, the Prince and Princess of Wales last week surprised—no, stunned—palace pundits by sailing off into the sunlight on a 10th-anniversary cruise. The “second honeymoon” took a course similar to the first—a Mediterranean voyage—but was not as private: Charles, 42, and Di, 30, were joined by Princes William, 9, and Harry, 6. When the couple showed up in Naples to board the Alexander, a 343-foot, $42 million yacht owned by Greek billionaire John Latsis, 80, the press was ecstatic. ROMANTIC CRUISE TO GIVE LOVE A CHANCE, was the London Daily Mirror’s headline. And when Charles and a bikini-clad Di took a dip off the coast of Sardinia, the Sun rejoiced that they were “behaving like newlyweds on their sun-kissed holiday.”

Tennis, Anyone? In Monaco, the seriousness of Prince Albert’s romance with American Helen Willis, 19, was called into question when he popped up in New York City with another woman. The 33-year-old Prince tooled around Manhattan on July 31 with Alison Carlson, 35, an American tennis teacher and sports commentator, just two days before appearing with Willis at the principality’s Red Cross Ball.

Feel the burn: In England, the Duchess of York was thigh high in exercise at the $400-per-night Grayshott Health Farm in Guildford, Surrey. At her first workout session, the 135-lb. Fergie, 31, pointed to her upper legs and told the instructor, “It’s this I want to shift. I think it’s horrible.” Her regime? A daily stint on a stationary bike and stretching exercises using extralarge rubber bands. Said one fellow perspirer: “She doesn’t lark about—she just sets on with her exercising.”

Highland fling: The Queen Mum—corgis Ranger, Dash and Rush in tow—headed the Windsor exodus to their annual retreat in Scotland. She’ll be there until October (well, at 91, she has earned it!).