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Royal Watch

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In a gesture that almost gave the keepers of palace protocol their 19th nervous breakdown, Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, 47, kept his left hand firmly jammed in his pocket—assuredly not good form—while extending his right to Prince Charles, 42, when the two met June 6 at the Prince’s Trust charity banquet in Windsor. Etiquette experts had little sympathy for the devil. As one manners maven, David Williamson, harrumphed, “The Prince is sure to make a mental note that Mick’s manners were not up to scratch.”


When Prince Philip turned 70 on June 10, the Queen’s consort couldn’t sit still—for an official portrait, that is. A palace source ascribed the Duke’s reticence to vanity: “He is obviously not happy about aging.” Tell it to actress Joanna (New Avengers) Lumley, 44. At a June 6 London charity luncheon, she confessed to Philip that she has fantasized about him ever since she was 7. Quipped the new septuagenarian: “I wish I had known that earlier.”


While its name may suggest otherwise, the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham does not accept every man as a patron. Consider the case of Capt. Mark Phillips, 42. The estranged husband of Princess Anne recently was dropped from the theater’s board, according to one staff member, “because he is no longer a person of any consequence.”


She may not be ready for such billiards wizards as Paul Newman or Tom Cruise, but the Duchess of York displayed considerable hustle during a visit last month to St. Catherine’s hospice in Scarborough. Taking a cue stick from a resident, Fergie, 31, interrupted her tour of the facilities to try her hand at pool. The Fergster removed her gloves, took careful aim but missed the ball completely. “Thank you for letting me ruin your game,” she said to patient Jim Soulsby, adding, “I don’t think this is my sport. Do you? I should stick to skiing.”