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Royal Watch Global Edition: Brits Abroad!

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Keeping promises-past and future-in Asia

Prince William and Kate‘s first stop in their nine-day Asia-Pacific tour for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on Sept. 11? The Singapore Botanical Gardens, where they viewed an orchid named for Princess Diana, who died before she was able to see it. The pair also saw their own Vanda William Catherine orchid hybrid.

Kate’s Calendar

SEPT. 13, MALAYSIA: First big speech abroad. Remember, project.

SEPT. 14, MALAYSIA: What’s a South Pacific visit without…teatime? Meet with the U.K. High Commissioner.

SEPT. 15, BORNEO: Ecology-friendly rainforest trek. Note to hairdresser: frizz alert.

SEPT. 16, SOLOMON ISLANDS: When in the islands…it’s time to ditch the designer gowns for a sarong and pay homage to local culture.

SEPT. 17, TAVANIPUPU: Do not disturb! Escape with the prince for second (or is it third?) honeymoon on romantic private island.

SEPT. 18, TUVALU: It’s party time, Polynesian style (canoes, painted warriors, chanting).

SEPT. 19: Tofa! (That’s Tuvaluan for “Cheerio!”)