People Staff
October 26, 1992 12:00 PM

Actress-Choreographer, 25ish

BEST FEATURE: A mouth as broad, brash and loud as the outfits she wears.

ATTITUDE: Slammin’

WHAT SHE WEARS TO DANCE IN: Baggy jeans, an oversize shirt, a baseball cap and Doc Martens.

This is the homegirl you wouldn’t take home to Mama. The Brooklyn-bred actress (Do the Right Thing, White Men Can’t Jump) and choreographer, who teaches In Living Color’s Fly Girls their flyest moves, is one energetic and feisty package. Wearing whatever feels most comfortable at the moment—a skintight spandex dress cut up to the top of her incredibly toned thighs or baggy jeans slung low across her shake-’em, shake-’em hips—Rosie Perez brings to the party the sizzle and clash of urban streets. “She’s a punk with panache,” says image consultant Susan Bixler approvingly. “You have to have attitude to wear what she wears. It works on her.” Work it, girl!

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