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Roma Downey

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WITH HER HEAVENLY COMPLEXION AND CASCADING AUBURN hair, Touched by an Angel’s Roma Downey certainly looks divine. But John Dye, who plays fellow angel Andrew, says that his Irish-born costar has the soul of an angel as well. “It’s her glow that makes her really beautiful,” says Dye. “I love the way that when she laughs at something, she sort of looks out of the top of her eyes at you. She still has that little girl demureness.” Actually, Downey, 34, recalls being “a rather chubby little girl,” but she credits her mother, who died when she was 10, with making her feel pretty. “I have fond memories of my mom brushing my hair 100 strokes every night and braiding it so it wouldn’t knot up,” she says. “She would tell me how special and wonderful I was.” Now, with an infant daughter of her own, 10-month-old Reilly Marie, Downey has little time to pamper herself. The 5’4″ actress, who is married to director David Anspaugh, takes catnaps in her trailer and drinks lots of water to chase the dark circles from under her eyes. And she credits the show’s lighting crew with making her look out of this world on TV. “We have what we call an angel light for the scene where I reveal that I am an angel,” she says. “It really punches up the red in my hair. Whenever I have a special occasion, I ask, ‘Can you guys show up with the angel light?’ ”