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Rodney A. Grant: Actor 32

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His war whoop made Kevin Costner faint in Dances with Wolves. Laid-back he’s not. Faced with the grim prospect of a few days off not long ago, he hammered together a horse corral outside his house in Albuquerque. “If he has a two-week vacation,” says his wife, Ka’Mook Nichols, “he may spend one relaxing, if you force him, but the second week he’ll be off.” On his motorcycle, she means. Grant, a member of the Omaha tribe, lectures nationally about Native Americans and also about fetal alcohol syndrome. “I feel proud and beautiful about being a Native American—and proud of my long hair.” But not always. “Once, when I was attending the University of Nebraska, I was going through a phase where I wanted to look like everybody else, so I cut it to about an inch long all over my head.” Shear madness.