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Rocky & Happy & Henry & Nancy: a Relaxed Foursome in the Sun

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While Gerald Ford spent a much-publicized and vigorous vacation dodging snowdrifts and reporters while skiing at Vail, his new Vice-President, Nelson Rockefeller, was enjoying something he’s had precious little of lately—peace and quiet. Twenty-five hundred miles southeast of Ford (and 90° warmer), Rockefeller and his convalescing wife, Happy, were enjoying the sun at Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico, where Rocky’s brother Laurance owns a hotel. Joining the Rockefellers were two old friends—both of them onetime Rockefeller employees—who were also ready for a vacation, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and his bride of nine months, Nancy. Since no government official can admit to goofing off these days, Rocky and Henry did bring along plenty of paperwork to fill the mornings. But from noon on it was golf, swimming, and dinners en famille at Su Casa, Dorado Beach’s swanky plantation restaurant. On New Year’s Eve the two couples gathered to toast out a year that had brought trial and triumph to them all—and, of course, to cement the furthering of their own auld acquaintance.